What are the advantages of having a good sense of humour

The ability to make fun of people is a skill. If you learn to joke wisely, it will change a lot in your life. Here are some of the advantages of having a good sense of humor:

  • strengthening relationships;
  • getting rid of negative emotions;
  • increased attractiveness;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • help with stress management;
  • life extension;
  • development of creativity;
  • increasing self-esteem.

    The best use of humour is to resolve conflicts and improve relationships. Anyone can develop a sense of humour, but it will require an effort.
    These 13 tips will help you become funnier and more humorous:
  1. Do not be afraid to look stupid

Every time you decide to make a joke, you must be prepared for the audience not to understand your humour. Even the jokes of professional comedians are not always funny. If a joke does not have the right effect, just skip to the next topic.

  1. Use your story as a material

Everyone has stories about awkward or ridiculous situations they found themselves in. Some of them may have even hit you hard. But sometimes it is useful to let yourself and others laugh at the events that happened in your life.
Add a little self-irony to your personality. This is a good way to become a little more fun.

  1. Watch comedy movies, soap operas, shows.

When you want to develop a skill, watching other professionals do their job is a good option. Watch a comedy that will make you laugh.
Comedy shows, such as stand-up performances, will let you enjoy good humour. Observe the professionals, learn from them.

  1. Do not forget about the context

Context in humor plays an important role. Not every event can be a reason to joke. Some may be funny only for a while, others may become a reason to laugh after many years.
Remember this when you want to use an event as a reason to joke.

  1. Think of a crown joke

It is worth having at least one joke that will suit any audience. Learn to tell it in the best way to make anyone laugh. This will help you feel confident.

  1. Observe people and learn what they find funny.

To develop your wit, you should pay attention to what other people find funny. Do not think that you know exactly how to cheer people up, in some cases, you can insult them.

  1. Be yourself.

You do not have to try to joke by making fun of other people. You do not need to exaggerate or behave stupidly. Just look for funny sides in situations and point them out. This already allows you to become a more funny and enjoyable person.

  1. Learn to look without judging.

Judgments and prejudices interfere with your sense of humour. Most people look at the situation and make their own judgments about what is happening. As a rule, this assessment is negative. Choose another way.

  1. Improve your speech

Language is your main weapon. Learn to use words, expand your vocabulary and enrich your speech.

  1. Believe in your strength.

Anyone can develop a sense of humour. Believe in your strength and start to develop a new skill.

  1. Look for fun in any situation

In any situation, you can find something funny. Have you been caught in the pouring rain this morning? Or have you dirtied your new shoes in dogs excrements? You can spoil your mood for the whole day or just laugh at it.
Look for absurdity in tragic, disappointing or tense situations. This will help you develop a sense of humour, but remember that your jokes should be appropriate.

  1. Find a friend who will help you

A friend can help you sharpen a new skill. Regularly practice your jokes with this person. Let him become your benchmark for good jokes.

  1. Laugh

A good sense of humour is necessary not only to make others laugh. You also need to have fun in the process. Promise yourself that you will laugh at least 10 times a day.
A good sense of humour is a skill that should be developed.
All these 13 tips are very simple and easy, and they will definitely help you with this.

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