So let’s say you did a great job at the gym two days ago. You were so proud of yourself, but once you woke up in the morning and tried to leave your bed, you realized that darkness is indeed your friend. What you will want to do is to go and grab some of those pain-relieving pills. But wait! Read this article first; it will give you a hint about some of the less known but not less effective ways to relieve pain. I will warn you: some of them might look silly, and you might even think that I am joking with you, but don’t judge too quickly, try first and then you can let us know in the comments!

Coffee or any other drink with the caffeine

It’s a well-known fact that coffee is a great way to fight with after lunch comatose at your workplace. Some of the scientists also say that coffee is a great way to preserve your brain and prevent Parkinson’s at old age.
But did you knew that coffee is also a great way to fight with pain?

There was an experiment once. Two groups of people were given pills. One group received caffein pills, while the second group got the good old placebo. Those guys were sent to the gym after, where they were forced to perform a tough exercise. Next day, both groups took their pills. Caffeine group felt much easier: they could complete their daily tasks without any discomfort. But the guys with placebo…well didn’t get so lucky. Well, caffeine increases your pain tolerance.

Take a look at the painful part

No jokes here. That works, on the psychological level of course. Eye contact is very-very important.

Again, there was another experiment where foxy scientists took some of the random people for the experiment.
Using their smart system of mirrors, subjects of study could see part of the body which was used for the pain testing. The painful feeling was caused by a low-power infrared beam. Scientists conducted that subjects found it much easier to deal with the pain when they kept staring on the place which caused it.

Unfortunately, that might not work if you have a headache or stomach pain…


Yeah well, that’s true that you will look like a mad maniac when you start laughing without any reason. But as they say: “Good laugh is the best medicine.” To be honest, any person knows that the best medicine – is… the best medicine, since laughter doesn’t cure cancer or other serious illnesses. But what can laughter do in reality? It simply increases endorphin level in your blood, which on its side – increases your pain tolerance level.
Scientists confirm that watching something funny can increase your pain tolerance. Make sure you watch some comedy next time when you will crouch around your flat next day after gym.

Convince yourself that pain is good

Pain from trauma or pain after training are indeed two separate types of pain, but for our brain – they are the same. How else could our brain explain that this pain is for our cause? Make sure you repeat that to yourself, and you will feel better, almost instantly.

Italian scientists invited random subjects for their experiment (again). Both groups had their blood flow decreased by arm bandage. One group was warned that this bandage and reduced blood circulation would cause a negative effect on the general well-being of their arms. The second group was told that bandaging will help their muscles get more blood, which will create a positive impact on the whole body. Both groups were supposed to tolerate the pain for as long as possible, and who do you think endured the pain for a more extended period? Correct, those who believed that this procedure is good! Some of them even agreed to repeat the process. Can you imagine?

Picture something scary

Everyone visited a dentist at least once. You sit in a chair with the scary machines left and right, getting yourself prepared to endure hell-level pain, torture, and all that stuff, right? And tilting your head up, you see pictures of sun, children, puppies. All those cute things were supposed to decrease your suffering, but they don’t work!

Another (yes, I know) experiment proved that picturing something horrific can decrease pain much better than neutral or positive pictures.

Poor test subjects were forced to keep their hand in cold water while they looked through the slides. Those who were looking through disturbing pictures could endure pain for much longer than those who saw cute ones.

You know why is that happening? Because scary scenes distract us. Puppies and kittens cause a reaction as well, but not as-as strong as the reaction to blood or torture.

Switch between Comedy movies and thrillers next time!

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