How to find your favourite thing in life

One does not need to be an analyst to say with absolute certainty that the majority of the world’s able-bodied population is forced to work in unloved jobs. This is especially noticeable in large cities, where millions of people go to work every morning: they get bored in morning traffic jams, pushing each other in the subway, freezing while waiting for the shuttle bus stops – with gloomy faces they are in a hurry to “squeeze out” the results that their employer needs, but results they don’t need themself.

And at some point, one of them decides: “That’s it! I’m done working for “Uncle Sam”, i have to find my own profession I will love and care about”! And instead of sitting down and thinking about what he wants to do, a person turns to various business trainers and coaches for help. He naively believes that he can be helped by these “gurus of something”, whose bread and butter – is beautifuly talking about the things they have no understanding of.

Signs of a favourite cause

Favorite cause almost always grows into a profession, a source of income. A hobby – no, it’s just a pleasant pastime that brings peace, no more. A hobby is to enjoy the process itself when the result does not matter.

The signs of a favorite case are usually:

  1. Full commitment. You dedicate all your free time to it, which flies by unnoticed;
  2. Concentration on your work. You don’t force yourself, you completely “go” in the process;
  3. Searching for new knowledge. You are constantly and with pleasure looking for new information, applying it in practice, sharpening your skills;
  4. Only positive emotions. Favourite business brings peace, tranquillity, good mood;
  5. Professional growth. Favourite business does not tolerate dilettantism: for successful development, you need talent, determination and experience;
  6. Focus on results. The process is as important as the final goal;

    If it is really a favourite thing, you will never want to delegate it to anyone – you will do everything yourself, with pleasure and enthusiasm;

How do you find your favourite cause?

You, as an adult, have already formed your life preferences, so try to listen to them and try to understand what you would like to do. It does not necessarily have to be a large-scale enterprise, you can start with a small but promising direction.

There is no certain algorithm for finding your favourite occupation, except for the banal and, in most cases, failed “look at others and stupidly copy.”

Follow one simple principle: your thing is something that makes you feel good about yourself. And once you are determined, already solve the technical and organizational issues with the development of the idea and its monetization.

It is not superfluous to determine your level of claim to life – are you ambitious or not? And if so, to what extent? If you have an underestimated ambition, you risk being “in the shadow” of people with higher self-esteem. If the level of ambition is overestimated, then it is also bad luck, because ego and arrogance have not yet benefited anyone. But adequate ambitions, when a person really assesses his or her abilities, will help not only to take the right course to the goal but also to rationally spend your effort on the way to it.

Do not forget about common sense. Be decisive, but not without fanaticism, for example, do not be inspired by only one “raw” idea to immediately give up unloved work – too great of a risk to remain without a livelihood. Undoubtedly, history knows a lot of examples when people started literally “from scratch” and achieved stunning success, but few people know what they went through.

And remember: your favourite case does not have to be prestigious or fashionable. It doesn’t matter if you grow cabbage or write bestsellers if it’s something you really like and brings a feeling of happiness!

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