As you get older, you gain control not only over your life, but also over the place where it passes. Whether it’s your apartment or a rented one, you have the opportunity to turn it into a home for an adult man who is not ashamed to bring friends or invite a girlfriend to spend the night. We will tell you how to give the house an impressive, comfortable and cozy look.

1. Get rid of the junk

No matter how carefully you stack and tamper with the wardrobes and shelves, if the apartment is full of junk, it is doomed to eternal disarray. So the first stage of growing up is to say goodbye to children’s trash.

Admit that you will never need any items: boxing gloves from the training sessions, which you resembled a couple of months in the 8th grade, school diplomas for good education and active life. Girls are not attracted to this, the more so for employers, and it is time for you to find a more relevant reason to be proud.

Dismantle electronics, send to the garbage dump what is unlikely to be repaired; give someone what you do not use.

Throw away expired medicines, waste paper, unnecessary receipts, clothes that have become useless. You will be surprised how much space this junk eats and how much easier it is to breathe after you get rid of it.

2. Decorate the apartment with paintings

A couple of nice reproductions on the walls – and the housing is gradually gaining individuality. As for posters, clippings from magazines and other memorable teenage things – they can also be used. Organize a special place for them – a part of the wall decorated in a special way, a coffee table with a glass surface (so that posters can be placed under it). Make a stylish design solution out of your hobbies of youth.

3. Organize a balcony

Turn the balcony from a storage room or smoking room into a place to relax. Lounge area with greenery and poufs, outdoor mini-gymnasium, summer bar… Even the tiniest space can be made cozy by adding style and meaning to it.

4. Store your cookware sets

A set of the same mugs, plates and appliances will make your kitchen much better. Even if you can’t afford a giant expensive set, the minimalist monochrome cups from Ikea instead of the plates of all colors and sizes moved away from your mother, are already beautiful and mature.

Another important point: the dishes should be clean. Ideally, it should be put in a closet, not on a towel. Take it as a rule to wash dishes, mugs and appliances immediately after a meal – it will make your life much easier.

5. Get functional things for your home

Housekeeping is a sign of growing up, and it manifests itself in the fact that you care about how things lie in your home. Soap dish and toothbrush holder in the same style, towel hooks, mittens, paper napkins – all these little things make the apartment neat and cozy. Just don’t bend over, or you will turn the house into a telemarketer. Take only what really comes in handy.

6. Gather your bar with quality alcohol

A noble hobby for an adult gentleman. If the apartment has a beautiful place for alcohol (the same summer bar on the balcony, a beautiful wardrobe or a shelf in the kitchen) – great, if not – do not necessarily sparkle in front of guests of their collection.

Develop a mature habit of keeping alcohol without the purpose of drinking it. Leave an expensive drink for special occasions, and for an ordinary Friday there will be enough beer.

7. Put your things back where they belong

This is the easiest way to keep things in order in the house – to understand that things should lie in the places for which they are intended. Develop a useful habit to put everything where he took it, and you can navigate in your apartment as a ninja – even in full Text taken from the chic oh darkness.

Store the right seasonal outerwear, use a shoe rack, a basket for dirty laundry. Instead of a chair to which you drop your clothes when you return home, empty a separate shelf in the closet for “not yet dirty, but no longer fresh” things.

8. Keep an eye on the condition of the furniture

Another sign of a grown man’s apartment is neat furniture. If you don’t have the money for a complete renovation or don’t want to part with your favorite chair, restore it with a bandage. You can choose another material or pick up the most authentic, decorate all the upholstered furniture in the same style, change the color to make it more consistent with the interior.

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