Shops sell a lot of diaries. But most of them we fill in the first month and then throw. The Yikigai editorial team will tell you how to choose a diary that will last a year.


The size of your diary depends on whether you carry it with you at all times or only in the office.

– A large A4 diary has the size of an album to draw on. It contains a lot of space for notes and sketches. In the office, it is convenient to use such a diary, and it might be a little inconvenient to take to business meetings.

– The A5 diary is half the size of A4. It doesn’t bother you when you keep it lying on the table, but it’s big enough to make notes. At the same time, the diary is easy to put in a bag or briefcase to carry around.

– Compact diary format A6 fits even in a small women’s bag or jacket pocket. It will always be at hand, and you will not forget to celebrate the birthday of your business partner, and on a boring company meeting, you can draw on the fields.


The main rule is to choose a diary you like to use every day.

Stay on a hard or semi-soft cover made of durable material – these covers are less prone to the crease, and even in December, when the end of the year is approaching, your diary will be like new.

The same applies to paper: it should not be thin and translucent. Touch the pages, get them to rustle. Your feelings are just as important as the practical value of your diary.

If you choose a binding, make sure that the diary opens easily and that it is easy to write on the pages. The diaries on the rings can be rotated 360 degrees and comfortably placed on your knee, but the pages can get stuck or torn as you flip through them.

Dated or undated

Think about how often you work with the calendar and consider your profession. For example, students should choose an undated diary. Such a diary allows you to take a large number of notes, go beyond one page a day, and add notes about your vacations and holidays.

Dated diaries are convenient for people who like to plan several months in advance. It is enough to open the desired date and make a note. Make important dates: birthdays, anniversaries, payment deadlines.

It is convenient when you have a bookmark-lasse in your diary, tear-off corners, which allow you to quickly find the right page, as well as pockets, where you can put important notes.


In addition to the classic ones, manufacturers offer creative diaries. On their pages, you can find motivational quotes, anti-stress coloring, and tasks. These diaries not only help the owner to plan the day, but also entertain him during the day.

You decide what will be on your table – a laconic assistant without distractions or a creative object.

Sometimes you can see the weekly planner on sale. Weeklies help you spread the tasks out over the days of the week and distribute the load evenly. There is no point in assigning all the tasks to Monday if Wednesday and Thursday are not busy.

The main thing when choosing a diary is to find the one you like. Then you will be motivated to set goals and achieve them.

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