Being a grown-up, healthy man, at least once you were wondering what exactly is the famous Testosterone and how to increase its level in your body. More or less, all of the tips come to the same point: 8-hour healthy sleep, healthy food, different dietary supplements (Tribulus, multivitamin supplements), weight lifting, well you probably already know all of them.
What we will do, is that we will let you know some of the less obvious ways to increase your testosterone levels. Most of them were not listen in health magazines, and you will never hear about them from the doctors.
Let’s begin.


Yes, sometimes you need to shout your guts out, especially when you are under high stress levels. But did you know that besides stress-relieving effect, this will also instantly increase your testosterone level? Did you ever watch powerlifting competition? A bulked up guy is approaching a barbell to break another world record. Gripping on his hands around the bar, he starts to roar, and closer to the actual barbell lifting, he shouts. From one point of view – this is just an emotion which natural, considering the weight he operates. In such cases, the only madman would remain calm.
Still, it’s confirmed that shouting can give an instant testosterone boost. By the way, man can also use this method in bed. As silly as it sounds, shouting on your girlfriend in bed or insulting her (as long as she likes it!) can increase your testosterone. So shouting can be good. Sometimes.

Take sunbaths

Now guess, men from what country are the most short-tempered? Correct, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American. Not hard to imagine that high testosterone levels in their body cause their temper. But why? Well, because they grow under the glowing sun, which gives their look a unique distinction – darker skin. Sun has a direct connection with the level of “manly” hormones in our body, therefore make sure you take a couple of sunbathing sessions during summer time.

Visit the Sauna

Traditional sauna sessions with your friends have a positive impact on testosterone levels. But only if you follow one strict rule – no beer. The best way is to go old Russian style – jump into the snow or cold water straight after you leave the sauna. It won’t just make your body immune to illness but will increase testosterone level in your body as well.

Stay hydrated

Yeah well, you might be fed up with this part. Nowadays everyone keeps talking about water and its positive impact on every part of our lives. But its scientifically confirmed that well-hydrated body could regulate hormone levels much better. So if you want to stay a real man for longer – make sure you drink at least 2.5L per day.

Pay attention to your posture

Your mom was right. Bad posture has a negative impact on your hormone level. People with good posture and highly tilted head have more chances to increase testosterone levels in their body.
It’s also worth mentioning that your self-esteem has a high impact as well. If you remember – self-confident people have good posture, while those who lack self – confidence usually walk like a shrimp. So make sure your work on your self-esteem as well as your posture.

Keep winning

All great things are simple. Sometimes to get a hormone level boost, you need to feel yourself a winner. Doesn’t matter how. It can be just an online game or work bonus.
Any victory will give you enough self-confidence boost, more power and more importantly – testosterone boost.

But what if your work is not that smooth, you keep your losing steak in Dota, and you are too old to go outside and play football with neighborhood kids? In this case turn on a TV, pick the game of your favorite football/basketball / whatever team, and enjoy the show.
Once they win – you will feel like a part of the victory. Lucky game of your favorite team can increase the level of essential hormone. Make sure you remember about that.

Keep the balls cool

In other words – don’t forget to give them some fresh air. But that doesn’t mean you have to jump from bed to bed. Dont wear tight underwear since high temperature for your…guys…will decrease testosterone levels as well. Second – try sleeping naked. Freeing them a little gives you a good hormone boost. And third – make a rule to take cold showers at least twice a week.

Drink (moderately)

But not beer. Forget about it. Especially if you like to drink 1-2 beers after hard working day. It won’t help you. Opposite – too much alcohol can have a negative impact on men’s hormone. But research shows that alcohol can help your body work for you.

A small portion of alcohol can cause an increase of free testosterone, but only for a short period.
Also, make sure you don’t forget about the correct snacks. Alcohol will decrease zinc in your body, which, as known, can also have an impact on your testosterone.
You can eat nuts like cashew as well as oysters and beef.

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