If you get all of your former classmates, then you may notice that the majority of excellent students or former class stars are now simple, white or blue collar workers, and those who were previously considered to be losers, have succeeded in life.

Of course, it is not a stable rule, and there are many cases when the best pupils achieve success, and the losers become drunkards and drug addicts. However, it is often the Losers who become businessmen and employers for their classmates, excellent students, in adult life.

Why does it happen? Because there is an algorithm of life every person is following. This algorithm was invented by the rulers in order to manage their population. Each person must study at a school (and this is considered a compulsory education), then go to a special institution or to a higher educational institution in order to receive a specialty. After that, open a job seeker website, apply for a free vacancy, pass an interview and get a job. This algorithm is convenient for the rulers who need people to work properly, earn a penny, and generate income for the leaders themselves.

High achievers are precisely the very representatives who are accustomed to living by someone else’s rules. During the period of schooling, the high achievers learned to obey the rules of the school, obey the teachers and take into account the wishes and instructions of the parents. The best students were constantly told what they should do and how to live. Only in this way, they became excellent students. Otherwise, if they did not obey the instructions and did not obey the rules, they wouldn’t be able to get an “A+”.

A high achiever is accustomed to abiding by the rules of the society in which he lives. Then, when he enters the adult world, he has nothing left to do. He expects to find a normal job, get the salary offered to him and receive a pension at the end of his life. Of course, the scenarios are different. There are always people who aspire to take high posts regardless of their school success and grades. But whatever one may say, in any case, it turns out to be a  boring and quite predictable development of events. A person will live to retirement, spending his whole life on it.

What happens to Losers? They simply didn’t want to live by the rules dictated to them from school. Moreover, they saw and realized that in order for them to be excellent students, they have to do what they are told. Losers understand what is required of them if they want to be “well done” and “honors pupils”. But another question comes into play: is it necessary to obey the rules in order to acquire the status of “excellent student”, if in real life success and happiness can be achieved in other ways?

Losers, while their classmates go to school and attend universities, try their hand at real life. They go to trade, speculate, looking for ways to make money. Naturally, it does not go without crimes, minor or major, physical clashes, failures and mistakes. Losers try, gain experience, learn out of the supervision of teachers, reading “smart” books, but through living the reality they exist in.

And depending on the intelligence, flexibility, activity, and dedication, losers become a failure (alcoholic, drug addicts, convicted, etc.) or a successful entrepreneur (businessman, influencer, politician, etc.). While excellent students learn from books, losers face reality itself, try themselves in it, and then become losers (if they have not learned from their mistakes) or successful people (if learned from mistakes, made a conclusion, searched for a way of becoming a better person and developing their skills).

So it turns out that when the honors pupils are released into adult life after their studies, losers have already learned it and even succeeded in something. And now the best students turn to the “bad guys” to get hired and earn their pennies.

In this case, who really has a life at their 40s’? An excellent student who lives a boring and monotonous life which can be simply called “existence”. A Loser, if he succeeded, still does not feel old and dying. He still has many plans for the future that he is going to achieve. And if an excellent student at 40 years old can feel old and exhausted, then at 40 years old a bad student feels young and full of life.

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