Well, let’s not lie to ourselves. One day you will get old and become a grandfather/grandmother. And the most depressing thing is that this will happen instantly, you won’t even notice the flow of time.
You will keep living like you think that you are still young and can have access to all those cool things only young people have. And then poof, and you are already a father of two. And nobody will warn you about your “process of getting old.” But you can find it out yourself if you will check some of the tips below.

Slang is making you nervous

When you are young:

You keep learning new words. Not just the slang words, but ordinary words you never used before. Learning new words and phrases means you keep developing yourself. Even if you won’t use those words anymore, you heard them – you learned them – you know them. Which is still good enough.

Getting older?

You keep learning new words non-stop, but one day this stop will happen. And at the same moment, when you will hear a new word, you won’t be so sure if you heard it if you know it or it’s just someone making fun of you pretending that such word exists.

No need to get upset. These are just some random words, and your life won’t change if you’d know them or not. But I think this is the first and one of the main factors of your aging. Why? Well because if you’d been young, you wouldn’t pay attention to these new words. But as an old man, you think “what the hell is that guy saying?”

Hard to buy clothes

When you are young, your clothes represent your personality. Everyone has his borders regarding clothing, and usually, we try not to pass them.
But when we are young, we usually allow ourselves to wear whatever we want. By the end of the day, society always coped with the teen style experiments.

Not a single correct person will ever approach you and tell you to change your clothes or hairstyle. If someone did – he is an idiot, since only idiots act that way.

Getting older?

Lately, whenever I go out looking for a pair of jeans or t-shirts, I spend a lot of time wandering around the shops. Trying most of the pairs of jeans, I look at myself in the mirror, and the only thought I have is that current fashion has gone to waste and most of the clothes are for…guys who like guys.

There is a term, which sounds like “Clothes according to age.” They say that if an aged person is trying to look younger, wearing teen clothes, it is either funny or weird.
Don’t get me wrong, I personally still try to wear whatever I like, but I do that carefully.

Technology seems no longer useful

When you are young, you don’t think about how your smartphone is built and how does it work. You open one of the messengers and send your friends a short text. When you phone gets outdated, you change it for the newer model.
Same with the social life. Livejournal was popular before Instagram, Twitter and Facebook came to the market. How many people are still using it? Much less.
Also, we kept changing technology since we want to own more expensive and recognized the brand.

Getting older?

When you reach a certain point, new things are no longer important for you. You look for something that can perform all your tasks and serve a good job for at least a couple of years. You no longer need complex applications, OS or functions. Your daily routine is SMS > messenger > phone calls > Mail. That’s it. And sometimes you can make a photo or two during the week.

I deleted almost all my accounts in the latest months. Being present in all social media before, I keep only facebook account now, which I visit 2-3 times a week to check notifications.

You don’t like arguing

When you are young – proving yourself is a challenge. It means going against social norms of behavior and prove your persona to others. They say that girls have to wear skirts, you wear classical pants. They say that man has to be brutal and manly, but you like baking cakes over the weekend. You try to argue on purpose, regarding any topic: Religion, politics, history – anything.

Getting older?

You are at the point when you longer want to argue. Nothing disturbs you cause you already understand everything and don’t want to prove your points to someone else. You know that these arguments don’t end well and everyone still stays with his point – so why bother?

When you are getting older, you understand that during the years, you already heard all those arguments from other people countless times. You know what they will say. And at present times, you reach this point of getting older much faster. At most – thanks to the internet and internet forums where people discuss everything countless times.

Entertainment doesn’t make you happy

“Richie Rich” was one of the best movies I saw. Not because of the content, but because it woke a full range of emotions within me, including jealousy (who wasn’t?). “Fight Club” was also a great movie with the twisted ending.
When we are young, we enjoy unexpected things. Unexpected movie endings were the best, and jokes with unexpected endings were the funniest ones. All our young life was full of unexpected moments, and that’s what made it beautiful.

Getting older?

Nothing makes you surprised anymore. You know what to expect from the movie and how will it end just by watching the first half of it. You know how the joke will end just because it sounds very similar to the one you heard ten years ago.

Make sure it doesn’t make you upset. Getting older is fine. When you are ready for getting older – you can use it to get the upper hand. Old guys can also be cool!

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