One of the momentous occasions in your life is getting married and this is the time when a lot of things bother you as you start planning for your wedding day. You have to focus on various things, but it doesn’t mean that you should forget about taking care of your skin. You would want your skin to be as flawless as possible since you want to look at your very best during your special day. So, make sure that you know the best wedding skincare for you!

The process of achieving flawless skin can’t be done overnight. There are different things that you should do before your wedding day and these include the following:

  • Eight Weeks Before Your Wedding Day

If you are considering cosmetic procedures, schedule them not later than 2 months before your special day. Derma fillers, skin tone lasers, lip injections, and some professional procedures may go beyond what skincare alone could accomplish, yet they need downtime afterward.

  • Six Weeks Before Your Wedding Day

It’s the time to begin a good skincare routine, which you may maintain even after your big day. Before choosing products, know your skin concerns and skin type. Once you have done it, this would be much easier for you to determine what you really need.

  • Five Weeks Before Your Wedding Day

During this time, it is never advisable to schedule chemical peels or facials, either from the dermatologist or at the spa. It could seem like a great idea to have such treatments closer to the day of your wedding, yet such services come with a chance of unexpected reactions that might linger close to your big day. Instead, opt for at-home gentle exfoliant to reveal your radiant skin. Daily or continued use of such products would result in smoother, clearer, and softer skin that you will be inspired to maintain even after you have exchanged vows.

  • Four Weeks Before Your Wedding Day

This is the time that you should think about yourself. It’s true for all weddings, yet it is a consideration if you are having a beach or destination wedding where you could be showing off a lot of skin. Never forget your nails and hands. From exchanging wedding rings to holding up a glass of wine for toasts, your hands would be a focal point, so they need love as well. Treat them to ultra-rich moisturizer during night time and SPF during the daytime.

  • One Week Before Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is just around the corner and everything falls into their right places, yet there are times that the sprint to the finish line could make your skin flare up a bit. Once you experience redness, consider calming, super-gentle serum, which provides quick relief and easy to incorporate in your existing routine.

By following this skincare routine, you won’t only look your best on the day of your wedding, but also for many years to come with the love of your life.

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