Though progress is being made, individuals with disabilities are still underutilized in the workforce. Many people who live with a disability can work and bring unique qualities to the workplace, yet they have higher unemployment rates than the general population.

If you have a disability and have struggled to find a job and workplace that you love, consider starting a business. These days, a small business can lead to career fulfillment. Below, we provide some practical tips to help you start your journey strong!

Take Online Courses      

Your first step will be to ensure you are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in your chosen field and industry. However, you also need to understand what it takes to run a company. If you need help honing your business skills, consider going back to school.

Today, you can earn a degree without leaving your home. Look to accredited universities that allow you to learn valuable skills like an online software development degree or a degree in business management, leadership, marketing, or any other program you choose. And since you can work at your own pace, you can maintain other life responsibilities as you study.

Consider a Home Business      

If you are like many other people with disabilities, mobility, and transportation are your biggest challenges. Many employers do not accommodate individuals with disabilities, so launching a home-based business can be an ideal solution. And, as Confined to Success points out, there is no shortage of lucrative companies you can start from home.

For instance, if you are computer savvy, you could start an IT solutions business to help businesses and residents keep their networks and devices secure and perform well. If you are crafty, you could make jewelry, clothing, art, or personal care products to sell through your online store or a third-party marketplace like Amazon or Etsy. If you have a knack for web design, content writing, customer service, or any number of other fields, you could build a thriving business as well.

If working from home, you’ll be spending ever more time there, so be sure it’s conducive to productivity and positivity. The first step is to remove any undue sources of anxiety and stress so you can be free to work and live in a healthy environment. Start by decluttering, tidying up, and even bringing in a few houseplants, which also help to purify the air. Incorporating some aromatherapy sure can’t hurt, so look for an oil diffuser that will emit aromas like lavender.

Explore Funding Options      

When it comes to financing your home business, you have many options to consider. First, it might be worth applying for one of the many government business grants available for people with disabilities. What’s great about grants is that they don’t have to be repaid. Each state also offers small business loans for individuals with disabilities, so check with your state’s office to see your options. Just remember that your ability to secure funding will be determined by your credit score. It’s important to take a look at your credit score to see what’s causing problems so that you can address issues standing in your way.

Take Advantage of Online Resources     

Lastly, scour the web for resources specifically available to entrepreneurs with disabilities. For example, the federal government site provides advice and resources that can guide you through each startup stage, including creating a business plan, developing a website, finding a mentor, etc. And, there are plenty of excellent programs for connecting to mentors and receiving hands-on advice for building a small business from the ground up.

The average workplace is still not ideal for individuals with disabilities. But you can take your destiny into your own hands by starting a business.

Consider going back to school for an online degree to build your business skills, and brainstorm different home-based business options that fit your interests and expertise. Then research the various funding options available to you (don’t forget to check your credit score in the process), and utilize the many online resources that can help you lay a firm foundation for your business. In no time, you could be operating a profitable, fulfilling company from your own home!

Article Prepared By Patrick Young

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