One of the popular meats across the globe is beef and it makes for so a lot of good dishes. From your favorites like a beef burger to some delights like the exciting enchilada, there are numerous ways to enjoy eating beef. Besides, there are some delicious beef dishes worldwide that will surely blow your mind and will make you search for different beef recipes. So, if you are one of those who loves everything about beef dishes, below are some of the best beef dishes in the world:

Karei Raisu of Japan

Japan is renowned for its sushi dishes. But, aside from that, people love the famous Kobe beef in this country. However, when it comes to beef dishes, you should not miss the Japanese curry, which is called Karei Raisu. For those who don’t know about this, Japanese curry is not the same as the Indian curry because it is more reminiscent of the stew with just a curry flavoring. Japanese beef curry uses tender beef pieces that are cooked in rich sauce and with lots of rice to mop all the tastes. This beef dish is very delicious and would surely have you savoring each last bite.

Carne Guisada of Mexico

Mexico might be known for its burritos, enchiladas, and tacos, yet there are numerous delicious dishes that Mexicans can offer. For example, Mexico’s Carne Guisada is a beef stew with the spicy kick. It is a heavenly dish that is filling and comforting and would have all your food buddies licking their lips in delight. This dish uses marinated beef with some chili flakes and usually served with jalapenos for a satisfying and spicy flare. Chipotle chilies and fresh salsa plus a cup of rice make this beef dish much fierier for all spice lovers out there. It is also a beef dish that you will never forget.

Pad Gra Pow of Thailand

Foods from Thailand are definitely some of the best comfort foods you can find out there. In fact, every dish is tastier compared to the last and there is something that will suit everyone, regardless of their preferences. If you want to enjoy a unique beef dish, try Pad Gra Pow of Thailand. It’s a delicious basil beef dish that is bursting with vibrant and rich ingredients. You can also find this anywhere in Thailand because of it very popular and it is a simple dish that even you can make at your home. The basil used in this beef dish may be found in a local Asian store, which adds a new level of taste to your favorite beef.

Beef is no doubt a wonderful ingredient for any dish, which adds an exceptional flavor and you could find a lot of exciting and amazing variations from the different parts of the globe. Therefore, the next time you look for some beefy goodness, why not learn how to cook those mentioned beef dishes above and enjoy a delightful dining experience with your family and friends!

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