Have you ever tried comparing yourself to somebody else? Well, most of you have done it and if you feel about this, you should not torture yourself by always doing this over and over again. There are many ways on how you can stop comparing yourself to some people and learn how to appreciate yourself.

Take Note That Every Person Started Somewhere

It is easy to compare yourself to those who are running along the beach or in the gym. But, you have to take note that such individuals were not born fit and like you, they had to begin somewhere. It is hard to compare yourself to others when you are at a gym. Some are very strong, fit, and could hold a plank for a few minutes. However, going to a gym is not about comparing yourself. You are there for yourself, which will benefit you in the long run. If you are not comfortable in the gym, you can workout at your home. There are numerous workout exercises that can be done without leaving your home. All you have to do is to follow the steps properly to get the best results.

Get Rid of Social Media

If you find yourself staring at fit people on Instagram and Facebook and it makes you frustrated, then do NOT do it. Get rid of your social media or turn off the device you are using. Majority of the social media photos of actresses, models, and some celebrities are edited or photoshopped in other ways. Those individuals also have their own team for styling, hair, and makeup. If you envy some of your friends because they look good on social media, take note that they also selected the most beautiful photos of them with good lighting and angle. So, if possible, take a break from the social media sites.

Encourage Yourself

If you always think of the negative things while comparing yourself to others, it might be the best time to change your thoughts. Rather than cutting yourself down with the comparisons, you should encourage yourself instead. Think of the positive terms to motivate yourself and ignore your negative thoughts.

Get Inspiration

There are cases when you are looking at somebody else’s progress can be a bit inspiring. You can be glad for one’s success and you can also learn from what she or he has gone through. If an entrepreneur made a failing business successful, ask for an advice and consider it as your inspiration.

Just Focus on Joy

A wise man once said that the thief of joy is the comparison. If you are comparing yourself to somebody who is worse off than you, you’ll feel good at first, but you will never be satisfied and you won’t experience the joy of life. If you are comparing yourself to someone who is better than you, it might kill your motivation and joy. So, instead of doing that, why not focus on the things you have accomplished and get inspired to do more!

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