Everyone experiences stress. The only difference is that other people deal with it better than some individuals. But, the bad news is, stress may cause anyone to age before his or her time.

According to experts, other than the unattractive scowl that stress brings to one’s face, it makes direct physiological changes. Basically, stress is known as the body’s reaction to the stimulus or stressor, which causes stress. It can be severe that may affect the body’s overall condition. Things including nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, fear, impatience, and apprehensive are the synonyms for stress.

Stress that isn’t controlled definitely affects the beauty or physical characteristics of the body. It affects sleep patterns, digestion, fingernails, hair, and skin. Conditions associated with stress include indigestion, ulcers, gum disease, sexual dysfunction, obesity, heart disease, and hair loss.

Stress-induced Beauty Busters and The Common Symptoms

  • Flushed Face – If you are stressed out, you breathe in shallow, short breaths and could find yourself holding breath for a particular period of time that could result to redness and flushing.
  • Gray Hair – You have to take note that hair can age prematurely because of stress. If you’re genetically predisposed to have gray hair, stress would further reduce melanin production, which can increase the number of white or gray hairs easily. By increasing your consumption of vitamin E, protein, and biotin, you can decrease such harmful effects to keep your hair youthful and healthy.
  • Hair Loss – Stress may trigger alopecia areata that causes patches of baldness. Stress may trigger a tick where you pick on your head hairs due to a bad habit.
  • Wrinkles – Crying, anxiety, feeling down, and lack of sleep may cause deeper lines around your eyes, mouth, eye area, and forehead.
  • Pimples – Stress actually alters one’s hormones. It boosts the production of cortisol, which increases the production of oil in the skin. All of these lead to greater odds of a clogged pore. Stress may also multiply the number of the bacteria that causes acne.
  • Weight Gain – Majority of people who are feeling too much pressure often overeat. It happens because of the body’s survival mode. When the body reaches a certain level of stress, it does what it feels it should. In some cases, it means overeating. Since your body thinks you have used calories to deal with stress, even if you haven’t. Due to this, it thinks that you have to replenish such calories even if you don’t.

How to Deal with Stress?

A lot of articles and books have been written about the ways to deal with stress. The first thing that people should do is recognition. To deal with your own stress, write down the things that you’re worried most or what causes your worries in life. Determining your stressors is actually the first step to manage stress.

Another way to deal with stress is the typical old reasoning and realization that you can’t control everything. There are times that people trap themselves into worrying about the things they have no control and recognition of such things can reduce stress effectively.

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