You might be familiar with some social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. You might also be utilizing Google Plus. But, there is also another social media site that you might like to take advantage and it’s known as LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a business and career networking site, which is a social media site that is less about sharing cute photos of your friends and family and more about showing others your professional side. Your profile on LinkedIn will help you expand your professional network and give you a convenient place where you can share details regarding your qualifications. In today’s world where most employees are expected to change their careers a lot of times, it only makes sense to leverage what you can to a career network. LinkedIn may help you do just that.

LinkedIn and Your Career Network

Establishing your own career network on LinkedIn will help you expand your reach. First and foremost, adding somebody as a connection is a virtual equivalent of exchanging a business card. But, if you have connections on LinkedIn, you’re also accessible to the members of the connections of your connections. It only means that you will have a 2nddegree and 3rddegree connections, which you may also ask to connect.  It will expand your career network so there’s a greater opportunity that you’ll find more doors of opportunities.

LinkedIn has another feature, which is the same as Facebook, and this is the group. Normally, groups are companies you have worked for or the schools you have graduated from, yet they can also give you with a way to join such with same interests as well as areas of expertise. You may answer questions and offer valuable insights and expand reputation as a thought leader through LinkedIn groups. Participate in right groups and you might attract positive attention, which may result in some career opportunities.

Aside from that, you may get referrals from the ones who have worked recently with you. Have some people review your work as well as acknowledge your expertise, which is a valuable part as a LinkedIn member.

LinkedIn may give some opportunities. You can create your network of connections that will help your business by gaining clients via referrals. You could find somebody with an expertise you require for projects. You may look for works or have some HR departments look for you. Maybe you are about to apply for jobs, search on LinkedIn, and know that you have somebody who works for the organization within your network. Then, you may ask your connection for introducing you to their own connections.

All of those uses are helpful in establishing your career network. The fact that more companies use social media in their recruitment and hiring process underscores the need to have an online presence that is related to what you’re doing. You like to be searchable and show that you can be a valuable asset to any company in your chosen field.

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