What to look for in the interview
If you want to learn more about a company you may have to work with, you should be very careful and vigilant during the interview. In this article, we will talk about what you should be wary of when talking to your employer, and so much so that you can finish the interview right away.

Suspicious office location
If the company’s office is located in the entrance of a residential building, has no identification marks, its own Internet resource, it is worth to be wary, but don’t turn around and go home yet.

Although today some startups prefer to rent large apartments, as it is cheaper than renting an office in a business center, you still need to take a closer look at the office apartment. First of all, pay attention to where it is located, how the entrance looks like.

What do you know about this company? If it positions itself as a well-known and large brand, but at the same time its office is in an unrepaired basement, then you have to be extremely careful.

Lack of specifics
Suspicion should be raised by the fact that the recruiter does not give specific answers to your questions about your work in the company in general and about your salary in particular. If he only promises to pay a lot of money, but does not say what your duty will be, it is, to put it mildly, very suspicious.

To get more information, ask your employer for guidance, ask how other employees work, what their responsibilities are, what their working hours are, and how they are paid. If you can’t get direct answers to these questions, you can be sure you’re dealing with a losing company or a fraudulent organisation that won’t pay you anything and you won’t be able to make a career in such company.

Recruiter’s unfriendliness
If during the interview, no matter what position you are applying for, the recruiter does not treat you with respect and asks you very personal questions, you can end the conversation. However, it is possible that this may be a stressful interview. Before you go to a meeting with a potential employer, be sure to carefully consider the position you are interested in. If the main focus is on the stress tolerance of the applicant, be patient and go all the way.

At the end of this conversation, you may be praised for your patience and some company or position secrets may be revealed by the recruiter. But if the rudeness is only the manner of communication, then what can you expect when you settle down? It is better to continue looking for another job.

Raising money
If the recruiter offers to make a cash contribution, you can go straight home. And do not pay attention to their arguments, such as: you have to pay for the introductory lecture or first buy the product, and then sell it and thus earn money, etc. Just leave the meeting without paying anyone. Most likely, in front of you is an unscrupulous buyer, from whom you should stay away.

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