How do you find inspiration for your work and increase your motivation?

Emotions have a very strong effect on a person’s condition. We all noticed different kinds of moods in our lives. Some moods are great for working hard (some people call it “fighting mood”), and sometimes, our mood makes us want to slow down, relax and enjoy the current moment.

And these are just a couple of examples. There are many more kinds of human moods. But there is a particularly curious state, which we call inspiration.

Inspiration is a kind of mood which motivates you to work at high performance and at the same time a person has a sincere desire to create something impressive. This is especially valuable for people of creative professions.

Many great creators said that in this state the masterpieces are almost born themselves.

I think that many of you have noticed how your mood changes to a special state, in which all things are easier and simpler than usual, there is a desire to work, and the result of the work pleases with its quality.

That’s the inspiration

But what is the mood at all? The mood is an inner emotional state when certain desires come to the foreground. For example, if you have a sad mood – you may want either support or to be left alone with yourself (here everyone has his own way), but in any case, a person always unconsciously understands what he would like when he is sad.

So what does a person who is experiencing a state of inspiration want? Most often, he wants to do something at a level that he has not yet managed to achieve. The desire is very sincere, and the motivation of the person is at an extreme level.

Having a clear understanding of the emotional nature of inspiration, let’s think about how this mood can be caused.

Here are a few ways that are better to use based on the nature of your activity, your character and desired result.


  1. Other people. For many, it is one of the strongest sources of inspiration and motivation. When you see examples of people who do useful things, create amazing things, say interesting thoughts – you want to create and work.
  2. Honesty with yourself. Sometimes it can help you get into a working mood, when you talk to yourself honestly, remind yourself of your goals, search for an honest answers to questions from the category “What I really want to achieve in this life” and etc.. Sometimes we distract ourselves from our goals and already lose the necessary level of motivation. It is worth reminding yourself more often about important things.
  3. Music. This is a very simple point, but music really inspires a lot of people. It is important that it is appropriate and harmonious for your inner world. Doesn’t matter if that’s a popular hip-hop music, classics, or even traditional song. As long as it inspires you – it’s good enough.
  4. Movie. There are a lot of great movies in the world that motivate stories, heroes that inspire respect. And then there’s the same situation as with music. The movie should be in harmony with your inner world. It can fail at the box office and your friends might not like it. It doesn’t matter, it only matters what emotions it wakes upon you.
  5. A past successful experience. There are times when there is no inspiration to work because of doubts and self-doubt. In such cases, it is enough to remember examples from your life, when you have managed something important. Positive memories will give you confidence and help you get down to business without any doubts.
  6. A versatile option that requires a unique approach. The best way to understand what motivates and inspires you is to analyze yourself. Self-analysis is the best friend of a person. Remember the cases and circumstances in which you felt the desire to create, work, achieve goals. What happened, what kind of day was it? Analyze and learn how to manage your mood.

The last point is the conclusion of all previous thoughts. By analyzing yourself, your moods, states, emotions, and feelings – a person can go to a new level in many aspects of life. Including improvement of one’s work, to the point of really enjoying what you do.

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