What is a Consumer Society?

“Consumer society” is a stable expression that is increasingly used to describe modern society. What does it mean and what is the problem here? Let’s look at it further.

A large number of modern people have an irrepressible desire to consume. Such people are eager to possess this or that material wealth, but at the same time, they often forget about development and become just empty creatures, only willing to spend money on another toy. And this toy should be the best of its kind, not just any kind. Therefore, people take endless loans, just to make sure that their car has all the latest innovations, accessories and tools, and it does not matter that they have to pay huge taxes (which often significantly burden the family budget).

Often they want to buy as many clothes as possible, and it does not matter that half of these clothes will be dusted in the closet because the only thing that matters is just having it. A person wants to own, have, brag, and assert himself with some things, but usually, this person lacks personal skills or character to assert his personality without the fake materialistic things. And also laughs at those who say that things are not important and you need to have the minimum and limit yourself to that.

Of course, do not go to extremes by not buying anything at all. You have earned your own money on a good car and you can afford to pay for its service yourself – you did a good job and clearly have some economic literacy.

But if you do not earn that much, think a hundred times before you surround yourself with useless and unnecessary trinkets and brag to your friends about a new car bought with money from the sale of your grandmother’s apartment, knowing that your grandmother is now forced to stay in the attic in the house of distant relatives.

Most people feel flawed if they don’t allow themselves to buy another expensive thing on their birthdays, thus increasing their rating and authority. But people have forgotten that advertising, which is becoming more and more obtrusive and obsessive, false values that it promotes – it’s just a tool to increase sales. The manufacturer does not care about the consumer, his task, as a rule – is to sell the product at a favorable price, but it does not matter whether the product is needed by the consumer or consumer is perfect without it. And it is sad because it turns out that people throw away money, but do not get what they want. And besides, it means that you’re just an inspirational victim of a marketing manipulator. Who wants to be a victim? Out of the mentally healthy and full-fledged people – clearly no one.

For example, a woman bought a shampoo, thinking that she would seduce men with her luxurious hair, and shampoo did not make the hair more luxuriant and beautiful, and even men are nowhere to be seen. Was that a false advertisement? Yes, and no. Advertisement simply does not say that besides beautiful hair, it is important for a woman to be in a good mood, have a nice charisma, and have positive energy. But people consume everything but do not ask themselves why they consume and what they will get in the end.

A Healthy Society And A Valuable People

So, what about being an empty person and a victim of marketing? To move to conscious consumption. And what does it include?

  • Buy as much as you actually consume and use, do not allow the purchase of unnecessary things that will clutter your space.
  • Buy only what you can afford while predicting that some things require additional maintenance and servicing costs after purchase.
  • Don’t believe everything they say about things in advertising. And read the reviews also carefully, better in several sources (positive reviews paid by the manufacturer of a product, in our time, are pretty common).
  • Think about your real needs. Maybe there is really something you need more than a tenth pair of sneakers. Something more valuable: education, health, living space. Maybe you should invest money there? Or at least save for these needs.
  • Do not try to impress other people with things. If you are inclined to do so, you have a problem with self-esteem, work on it and don’t waste money on trinkets, getting temporary comfort from the feeling that you are not worse than someone else, because you have the same thing. It is better to spend money on a good therapist, believe me, he will cost you cheaper than many expensive clothes.

And most importantly – realize that the most valuable and respected people in society do not necessarily have to be dressed expensively and ride in luxury cars. The most valuable people are those who benefit society. Such people, as a rule, have taken place in a profession, are educated, charismatic, interesting interlocutors, behave simply, quietly and kindly. They have everything they need. They are not victims of an obsessive desire to buy. They do not try to prove anything to anybody and do not brag about their income in front of others, because they are well aware that the presence of money does not say anything about a person. A man is spoken of by his actions and deeds.

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