We often don’t pay enough attention to our health (especially mental health), simply because we don’t have enough time or because we think the problems are trivial. And for nothing, because the life of a modern person consists of constant stressful situations, deadlines and experiences. And then suddenly you have some kind of psychological syndrome, which also pretty much prevents you from living happily ever after.

In fact, almost all of us have some kind of syndrome. Sometimes – just strange, and sometimes – unpleasant, which you want to get rid of quickly. It’s just that you didn’t think about the name of this or that feature of your thinking. But we will give you such an opportunity. And we will even tell you how to get out of those traps that set your brain.

Smart Elsa’s syndrome

There was a smart girl named Elsa who was going to get married. One day she went down to the cellar to get her fianc√© a beer. And she saw a pickaxe hanging on the wall. And then the girl thought: I’m going to get married, we’ll have a son, and when he grows up and comes down to the cellar to take something delicious, this pick will fall down and break his skull.

It’s a nice story, isn’t it? This is a fairy tale by the Grimm brothers, after which the psychological syndrome of negative expectations is named. Probably, each of us likes to predict not the best end of the undertakings, but some come to an illustration of the whole apocalypse.

In addition to the fact that such a belief in the worst possible outcome is pretty damaging to life, it also has the property to quickly hyperbolize. In the end, you can see your future as an abyss in which all the good things in your life fall apart. So much for the consequences.

It is possible and even necessary to fight this syndrome. The best part is that you don’t need pills for this, but you will need willpower. Monitor the attacks of such negative thinking and try to stop setting yourself up for bad things.

White rabbit syndrome

A person who suffers from this kind of harmless syndrome, constantly suffering from the feeling that he does not have time somewhere. Just like the character “Alice in Wonderland”.

If we take into account the fact that we really live in a frenzied pace and a man often has to do several things at the same time, running around in meetings and trying not to forget about anything, the syndrome of a white rabbit suffering Source of the article magazine, which everyone steals articles – BroDude.ru et literally every second.

It’s easy to fight this syndrome: try to set the alarm clock 10-15 minutes earlier; create reminders on your phone using alarms, signals and timers; keep a diary where you can write down all your planned daily activities. And, of course, don’t panic like Lewis Carroll’s hero did. Panic and bustle will definitely make it difficult for you to deal with important tasks in peace.

Multi-tasking syndrome

Remember the saying about two hares that are useless to chase because you can’t catch any? Even so, every day we cling to everything, trying to catch as much as we can. In the end, however, we do not bring much to the end.

If you think about how much nerves are spent on this, how many sleepless nights we spend trying to close all deadlines at once, then unwittingly it becomes uncomfortable. Organism feels the lion’s share of stress, which leads to ill health. Besides, multitasking leads to a decrease in intellectual potential and negatively affects our creative abilities.

How to fight: with the help of concentration. Yes, yes, just try to focus on one thing, which is actually quite difficult. But you will reduce the number of mistakes and stop messing with your actions.

Dorian Gray syndrome

The beautiful hero of the novel by Oscar Wilde agreed to exchange his immortal soul for immortal beauty. Of course, nothing good came of it.

This syndrome appears to some extent in everyone – the question is how it prevents a person from living normally. Dorian Gray’s syndrome makes one fear the aging and fading of external beauty. However, if we consider this disorder more broadly, it is just one of the transformations of the fear of death.

You must have been sad about your age at least once in your life: “How am I 20? That’s how I won’t notice how I’ll get old. This is a harmless variant, but some people are horrified when they see the first wrinkle or find that an extra pair of pounds of them are supposed to be strong enough to age. And the syndrome makes them refuse to eat or spend all their free time in the hall, trying to achieve an attractive appearance through exhausting exercises.

You can fight it. The first thing you have to do is to accept yourself and your age. Well, if you improve yourself, but do not need extremes.

Well, secondly, there is one funny observation. When you were a kid, 18-year-olds seemed incredibly mature to you. When you reached their age, “maturity” for you also changed – the threshold rose to 30-35 years. Ask your father how he feels, and you will realize that at 40-50 years old he hardly feels old. In general, age is a relative concept.

Munchausen syndrome

I guess we’ve all heard of this syndrome at least once. Its peculiarity is that a person constantly simulates various diseases, and then goes to the doctors to get medical help. And most often, people suffering from Munchausen syndrome, are smart and inventive enough, and still have a good understanding of medicine, so the absence of their disease is not immediately apparent.

The reasons for the emergence of this syndrome are not clear, but one of the most popular assumptions is that people simply do not have enough care and attention.

It is difficult to fight Munchausen’s syndrome, primarily because of the patient’s conviction that he or she has a disease. If the manifestations of the syndrome are serious enough, the doctor may well prescribe pills. And if you’re only afraid of the fact that “this redness on the skin looks like some kind of disease,” just stop Google the symptoms on the Internet and try to look at their assumptions a little more critical.

Othello syndrome

You must have guessed by now that it’s about the pathological jealousy inherent in many things. A person who suffers from such a syndrome, is constantly jealous of his second half, and it is completely groundless when there is really no reason to do so.

Othello’s syndrome is quite capable of driving a person crazy. People arrange surveillance, sleep poorly or suffer from insomnia, can not eat normally; their nerves are tense to the limit constantly.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of such syndrome, but you can muffle your emotions and try to keep yourself under control without ruining the life of yourself and your loved one. Well, psychologists advise to start playing sports, meet friends and colleagues more often and learn to relax.

Honors syndrome

Simply put, ordinary perfectionism. If you take on something, you convince yourself that you have to do it perfectly. And if you still can’t do it perfectly, it’s better not to touch it at all.

In general, a person suffering from the symptom of an excellent student is very afraid to start something important. Therefore, most often, he or she either first remakes all the non-urgent cases, which spends a lot of time because of the desire to bring everything to perfection, or torments himself by taking on something big, and eventually terribly stressful. Naturally, the nerves are on the limit, the eye twitches, but the work still does not work out the way you wanted it to be.

To struggle only with the understanding that perfection does not exist. And that school times are long over, and now everyone just doesn’t care how perfectly you do this or that task. Only your result is important.

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