Let them come in handy where they were born, whoever they want. I didn’t want it so much. Having received higher education (before I didn’t have the courage), I raised my ass and ran in search of happiness to another place. Why not? So far I’m young and can afford it. What if I’m happy in a new place? About that, I motivated my planned but still unexpected departure to my family and friends. It’s been four years already, and I’m still here, and it’s been a lot cooler than I was when I left my family’s place. What makes it cooler? Oh, a lot of things.

You can always get a job

The main thing is to look and to look right. I wouldn’t say that I graduated from a prestigious university and can do a lot of things, but I had no problems with my work. When I say such confident phrases, my mother immediately asks me to knock on wood: what if you jinx it? I’m not so superstitious, but as a rule, I knock: there are some signs that you don’t want to check in practice.

So, when you aim to find a job, you will find it. Even if it is not your specialty at first: which prevents you from looking for something more suitable in your spare time? Never hesitate to offer yourself, even if the advertisement requires candidates to have an absurd experience or skills that you do not possess (of course, with reasonable limits). In the ads, recruiters always write about their ideal, from which the world is far away: I would also like to receive a salary of ten thousand dollars a month, but I am humbled with a much smaller amount. Employers can consider you a suitable candidate, even if you do not meet all the requirements.

Send your CV, even if there is no opening yet in the company. Go to all the interviews. There are more opportunities than those whiners who are lazy to get their asses off the couch said.

You’re much stronger than you think

When a stranger listens to my story, he always rounds his eyes and says, “That’s incredible! I wouldn’t do that!” No, man. You could have if you had no choice. You can keep your budgets to the bare minimum. You can survive the betrayal of a loved one, raise your head and move on. You don’t have to go down and become a homeless person when you lose your rental housing in a foreign city, even if you have to spend two weeks at the station. You can work ten to twelve hours a day, and even without a weekend. You can withstand the most stressful conditions. You can fight back even the scariest and ugliest boss, and he will start to respect you. In short, man, you’ve got an abyss of abilities and opportunities that are just waiting for an extreme situation to break through. You underestimate yourself, and one day you will understand it.

You know something better than others

Before I moved, I felt like I was a mediocre guy, comparing my knowledge and skills to what people in my industry possess. Do you know what I understood? I’m cool. Of course, I’m not the best in the world of literacy and I’m not an expert in all issues, but I’m good. I am competitive. I have a place to grow, but I have already grown to certain heights. It warms my ego pleasantly.

You’re a lot more sensitive to the family than you thought.

I used to think I wasn’t particularly attached to my home. It was common for me to hitchhike around the country and its surroundings in the summer, and I saw it as a life-saving opportunity to swallow fresh air before returning to my hole. When you purposefully and seriously leave your nest and start your own life somewhere thousands of kilometers away from home, you start to treat it with a special tremor. You call your mother and even grandparents with interest and pleasure, you chat over WhatsApp or create family chat groups and order New Year gifts for them from local websites. It turns out that you are a nice family type.

There are good people everywhere

And there are bad ones everywhere. In short, everything is everywhere. Do not believe when someone says that all the villains and scoundrels have gathered in a particular region or country. There are always people who are ready to help and people who are ready to trip you up. Don’t treat everybody like a piece of crap: people understand this attitude and pay you the same coin. Don’t tell me that everyone in your hometown is virtuous, sweet and intelligent.

We’re all the same

This is a logical consequence of the previous paragraph. It does not matter what city is listed in your passport on the “Registration” page.  We all strive for the same goals, we all dream about the same thing, we are afraid of the same thing and have a good (and bad) sense of humor. When you realize that there are no significant differences between people from different regions not only in the country but the entire planet, it becomes much easier and more pleasant to interact with them.

Don’t expect to find happiness in any particular place

Not that you will never become happy. You will. Only this condition does not depend on where you are going to be. I wouldn’t say I was happier if I moved to a different climate and time zone. There is satisfaction with the goal achieved, but satisfaction is not happiness yet. Then it faded away, and the level of happiness returned to normal. And then a miracle happened: I met my girlfriend, and it happened when I was in my new place. And you know, wherever we go, I doubt we’ll be any less happy. Of course, I didn’t consider options near a polar circle or Sahara in this statement, and in other cases, I’m sure that happiness depends not on what place you are in, but on society you interact with.

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