You were away from the gym for a long time, and for some reason, you quit rocking for a while and did some important things. So you dare to go back to your way of life after a decent amount of time. For someone it’s six months, for someone else it’s a year, and for someone else, it’s even more… It’s time to get back on track. You are on track at the gym after a long absence, what do you need to pay attention to?

Warm up.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been without training; your body has somehow lost its strength, flexibility, and tolerance to exercise. Therefore, it is important to do a long warm-up to get the blood running, to prepare your muscles, ligaments, and tendons for work.

For this purpose it is necessary:

1. Walk at an average pace of 15-20 minutes on the treadmill.
2. Do a set of exercises within 5-10 minutes for all muscle groups: quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, buttocks, shoulders, chest, back.
3. Before each weightlifting exercise, make it easy. For example, when you make a camp, make it empty, or with half the weight you used to make it with. Do 8-10 slow, easy repetitions.


When you get back to the gym, you’ll probably want to use the same weights as you did last time. Don’t do it! Your body must have lost its strength. Trying to lift the weight you used to will be a failure, I assure you. Not only will it be a mortal blow in the air, but it will also have a bad effect on your tired muscles. So be ready to start with a few light weights and gradually try to increase the weight on each repetition. So you will understand how much weight you are currently lifting. It will also allow you to gradually return to the scales you used to lift.

Start by doing simple exercises, such as abs exercises. This will help you to “wake up” the important muscles of the abs for future training. Try twisting with a disc or “scissors.” Then switch to heavier exercises such as bench presses or bar presses.

Do not go to the gym five times a week at once. Three times – maximum. Then you can increase it.

Write down your progress

If you think it’s best to keep your results in your head and write something down is a waste of time – you’re wrong. Any training is a work of progress; if you’re in the same place and waving the same weight for months, it’s not training, it’s onanism, no matter how cool your program is. If you want to build a more beautiful body, you need progress. This means that you have to progress in your training all the time, and the best way to do that is to keep a training diary, writing down your new successes in lifting weights.

First of all, you have to understand that your body gets used to training and loads, so you need to increase them constantly. Let it be the same exercises, but the progress should be visible. Secondly, the training diary after a long absence is an excellent example of your quality growth. Watching how your parameters improve or deteriorate is the best way to motivate you to do sports.

You can improve your results not only by increasing your weight but also using multi-training, increasing the number of approaches and time off between them. Harder training stimulates your muscles to grow, man, in the best possible way. Write down the weights you raise, the number of approaches and the number of repetitions. You need to do this at least for the first two months, and then you can get involved and be happy to “bookkeeping” your training. Set yourself real goals: to beat these numbers at any cost!

Remain cold-blooded

In general, you need to stay cool in any situation, especially when you’re busy at the gym. Your body is accustomed to a calm, measured and lazy life, what is happening to it now in training – a real shock, believe me, man! Between the approaches, and especially after training, go to the treadmill, turn on the slow speed and slowly walk, calm down and cool down on it for 10 minutes. Use this time to feel the warmth in your body, joints and muscles. Feel the endorphins free. If you don’t feel it (and the more you take a break, the less chance you have of feeling it), then MAKE yourself feel it. It’s called autoregulation, and in fact, it’s a banal self-hypnosis that anyone can do. A person can convince himself of anything. You can convince yourself that after training it is unrealistically easy for you to breathe, your whole body is filled with frightening lightness, and the warmth of your joints and muscles is poured out of nowhere. This method of self-hypnosis is actively used among professional athletes and has even been described in the professional literature for training. I learned about it myself from the methodical recommendations.

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