Dress how you want to be addressed. You won’t blame people for ignoring your input in a discussion room or even not giving you a chance to talk because you are shaggy. Of course, you should dress appropriately depending on the type of people you will spend the day with. Don’t wear a classic suit when visiting needy people. In the same way, you can’t be casual when giving a motivational speech to high school students. Your outfit choice matters.

Besides choosing the appropriate attire, you need to be classy. Make an expensive appearance. Let’s face it; people will treat you better, and you will be more confident in an expensive look.

Here are some tips to upgrade your fashion

  1. Fresh fragrance

No outfit is complete without a sweet scent. Find any fragrance of your choice, something you love, and of course a sweet scent that will turn heads. Don’t apply it on your hair or coat; You might need to change or take off your coat. Apply the fragrance between your thighs, behind the knees, on the elbows, and any pulse points on your body. You are likely to sweat as you move around the office throughout the day; the fragrance will help you maintain a fresh environment.

  1. Classic coats

Make sure you have a collection of coats; leather and velvet can be good choices for a more fashionable outlook. Also, consider a belted trench coat, denim, or navy. These coats blend in with almost everything. Find time to shop and get the best. It doesn’t have to be a designer jacket; the fabric is the trick here. Research on the availability of such coats and go on your own to shop. Do not send anyone. Remember it has to be the right fit. Also, when you come across a proper fitting and designer coat as you walk through the streets, don’t skip; you may never find such a unique fabric or style.

With fashion, you need to sacrifice and spend spontaneously. You might have to sacrifice a sandwich to buy a coat. It will be worth it, the next week and year. It doesn’t matter what kind of pant or shirt you are wearing; a classy jacket gets all the attention. Strive to find the best quality for durability.

  1. Use the tailor

Fashion upgrade is not necessarily about the expensive and perfect fitting dresses. You can go for $20 dress and customize it to give you an expensive look. Find a professional and experienced tailor with taste and let them do a quick tuck to enhance your dress. It doesn’t have to be the soft fabric; a proper tailor can enhance your jeans to be expensive. It is about a few tricks of fitting it according to your body shape and size.

In fact, you should always go to the tailor whenever you buy clothes. Customizing the fabric makes the cloth yours; it should fit your body shape and needs. Enhance your best features and cover up anything you find unpleasant; this is the trick to fashion. While the type of cloth and design may be a factor, it is mostly how it suits the one wearing it.

  1. Maintain your shoes with belt

Shoes are prone to get dirty and compromise on your look because they are constantly on the pavement. It is not practical to keep checking your shoes on every step; it is weird. However, it is important to keep them in good shape. For men, it says a lot about you on the first impression. Take time to clean the shoes with warm water and dish detergent to give it a shiny look. Consider applying petroleum jelly on leather. To be more stylish, match your shoes with belt or handbag, every time. Make it a rule!

  1. Do away with earthy colors

The colors in your wardrobe have a lot to with fashion. Avoid wearing the common earth colors; you will look old and tired. Most of these colors will make your clothes seem tattered even if they are new. To be stylish, go for vibrant colors, high tones, and pastels. Jewel tone gives you confidence. You might be shy at first wearing what some people call screaming colors but keep at it, and you will be used to the attention. The attention is people admiring your look and confidence because of the color. Fashion and expensive look has everything to do with colors.

Also, consider leopard spots and prints. Patterns determine your social status; make a proper choice to avoid looking older or too simple.

  1. Tuck in

Whether you are wearing pants or a skirt, tuck in your shirt. It is not about being official; it is classy. It shows you are considerate about your looks. It doesn’t matter where you are going, find the right fabric and pattern on your shirt and make sure it is in the skirt or trouser. Consider navy, white, or black for a monochrome look.

Fashion upgrade is about the proper choice of clothes. Not necessarily where you shop, it is finding the right type of clothes that suit your body and blend in the colors. The expensive look is also about customizing clothes to suit your body, not necessarily about money

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