Does the mere mention of money make you feel stressed out?

The topic of money can easily create a tidal wave of panic. This can suck you down farther, leaving you confused and wondering why you even got in the mess in the first place. You start to drown, you reach out and gasp for air, and you are clueless how to get yourself out of the rut. No matter where you look, roads look like dead-ends. There’s nowhere to turn to, there’s nowhere to go.

If this sounds like your situation right now, don’t worry because you are definitely not alone. Instead of ripping your hair out, set your analysis aside first. Let yourself completely bask in the emotional reaction that the situation is giving you. If you feel helpless, allow yourself to immerse in that helplessness. If you feel mad, by all means, be mad.

Things may feel awful. It is as if you don’t have any control. It can feel frustrating if you know that there are things you could have done differently to save yourself from this mess.

However, since you are here right now, try to be here fully.

After you are done with your reactions, this is the time to move forward. However, don’t take any action yet.

Aside from thinking clearly prior to doing something, you also need to pay attention to where you hope to go after the crisis. List the results you want not only for solving the problem but also for cutting off the habits and behaviors that brought you to this problem.

Start to look backward to determine the thinking patterns and actions you have to change. This is something you can do by yourself or you can also get the help of a coach, accountant, or a financial planner who will help you sort out the rubble.

Ask yourself if there are actions that can give you breathing room. Take time in assessing your financial situation with no ounce of emotional reaction. It can be very powerful if you know your numbers even if you don’t like what you are seeing. This awareness can soothe your nerves. If you used to be in denial, it can serve as a wakeup call. Whatever it is, this acknowledgment gives you the much-needed sense of control.

Now, you are ready to go through the solutions that will feel good. Some of the few options which pop into mind are often those which feel as if they are a negative trade-off when you take them. Refrain from moving forward just yet.

Are you confident that you are ready for this change? Can you see the potential of turning into a person with a consistent food relationship with money? There is no need to be completely sure about your future but at least, you can have a glimmer of hope.

Remember to give yourself a break. The process of forming a good relationship with money doesn’t happen overnight. Take one step at a time. Breathe. And soon enough, you will get there.

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