What can be easier than to gift flowers? Man, as well as the author of this article, do not divide types of presents for Valentine’s day, 8th of March, birthday, New Year, or others. There are just too many such events, and keeping a separate present for each of them would be more complicated than you can imagine. Make sure to understand one thing – each of these days is a day when your girlfriend expects some attention from your side.
And here you will think: “Hey, why would I spend money on something that will be thrown out into the trash bin after one week at most?”.

But there is one thing you disregard, by a friend: emotional reaction your girl goes through when she receives your present.
You see, flowers are not as bad of a present as you may think, especially if you gift them from the bottom of your hearth. And you can buy them for your girl at any time of the year, not just special occasions.

Anyway, here are the best five reasons why you should choose flowers as your universal present.

1. They remind her about you

Flowers are indeed an incredible reminder of your personal. Imagine, every time she looks at the bouquet, she will remind herself about you. Of course its better to buy a nice, fancy set of flowers, than ripping off poor plants from your backyard. The fancier your bouquet is – the more often she will look at it.

2. They increase her mood

If your girl has a slight depression or just a bad mood – don’t look further. Flowers is the easiest gift you can bring to her to get her to smile.
Take note: before buying flowers, make sure you are 100% sure which ones are her favorite.

3. Flowers make you look sexy

No, seriously. Studies show that man with the bouquet of flowers, or even one flower in his hands looks much more attractive for girls. Isn’t that a good idea to buy a nice set for your first date? This way you will get additional points in this complicated game called “Charm the girl.”

4. Great way to make a surprise

Flowers can be a surprise as well, don’t worry. But consider flowers as a tool towards something more significant. I mean, of course, flowers cannot compete with the giant cake or white Mercedes in terms of WOW! Effect, but you can delay the revelation of the main present using flowers.
For example, if you want to tell the girl you love her – there is no better way than hiding a small but fancy note inside the bouquet. Your crush will find it once she puts her bouquet into the vase.

5. They answer your question: “What to buy?”

For sure you have faced a difficult choice of the present at least once during your relationship. So yeah, flowers are a gift. An easy gift which answers your dilemma “what to chose.”
The only thing you need to know, as I mentioned earlier, is what types of flowers your girl likes. And yes, make sure that packaging is excellent as well.
But don’t use that too often. By the end of the day, consider flowers as a nice addition to the main present.


Some of the tips that will make your present special

  1. Give her flowers without any reason. Just buy, and give them to her, without checking your calendar or reminders on your phone.
  2. Before buying a bouquet, make sure your girl is not allergic to flowers. But don’t ask that question straight away. Try to find it out during your casual conversation.
  3. Do not buy flowers with too harsh scent. If your girl has a small apartment or room, an intense smell can only bring her issues (headaches. Trust me, I know).
  4. If your girl enjoys having presents that last longer than one week, you can also try to buy something different than flowers. Bonsai for example.

We hope that helps you!

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