Unfortunately, these days its a little hard to post any articles about the manliness. At some point, there will always be a guy who comes out saying “But who are you to teach me life?”.  And you know, he will be right. Partially, but right.
Look at the big percent of man today – soft, weak, always agree with everything with no courage to protest against something they don’t like. And that is sad, like really-really sad, since most of us lack even a small portion of responsibility. Even not in front of others, but in front of ourselves. Let’s fix that.

There are many things you do, and many of those things either don’t bring you any benefit or even worse – only harm you. Want to become a better version of yourself? Then stop doing the following:

1. Watching TV

Old-school, but we need to remind the same thing again. News channels show the opposite side of the reality. If you will start consuming everything you see on the TV – your head will become a mess, like a complete mess. It’s better not to watch TV at all, even if there are some nice TV channels you enjoy watching – just get a book and start reading. That will give you much more benefits.

2. Letting your fear limit your freedom

Freedom – it’s not a mythical definition, created by “Evil Elites”.
Freedom – is something humanity was fighting for over the past thousands of years, and something they finally managed to receive, at least partially.
Now you are free, and the whole power of control comes from fear, fear created by yourself. You have to get rid of it, regardless of how hard it might be.
But once you let go of your fear, you will realize how strong you are. You will feel like the whole world is under your feet. You will become a free person who won’t die after the fall. He will stand up and keep fighting for something he believes.

3. Thinking you know everything

There is one particular song of the famous Canadian-Somalian singer K’naan, it’s called “Take a Minute”. The opening of the song was:

And any man who knows a thing
Knows he knows not a damn, damn thing at all

You have no idea how really economics work. You can’t be 100% sure about what’s happening on the political arena. You don’t know history, art, and you are bad at maths. So when you start talking about some topic, make sure you remember that your knowledge is limited, that means you have to be respectful towards your opponent. Don’t play a preacher who “knows the truth”, be a gentleman.

4. Blaming others

It’s only your fault that nothing is working out with your job or relationship.
It’s your life, your personal way, your success. You can face any difficulties on the way, but when you start blaming others in your failures, while no one, in reality, had any influence on your actions, you automatically lose any hope to fix the issue. You have to understand that only you control your life. You and the force of nature.

5. Waiting for the dream job

Too many people these days think that they are born for something special, for an ultimate cause. They think that they do not deserve a mediocre life they have, working as a middle manager on the standard office job. But the reality is that people climb social ladder step-by-step. At the beginning you have to start at the bottom, only then you can reach high positions. Be patient, there is no hyperjump possible.

6. Being an a-hole

Smile and be nice! Be a nice guy and other people will be happy to see you. Help others, don’t save your time to help someone. Be open to people, and finally, think before saying something – words can hit hard. Try to be as nice as possible, at least in your inner circle, since those people will follow you till the end, but only if you won’t act like an a-hole.

7. Not being confident

Stop worrying so much. Your lower-than-bottom self-esteem is caused by your worry. No worry – no low self-esteem. There is simply nothing that can make you feel bad all the time. You worry too much about nothing, killing hundreds of your brain cells. So stop it, and you will lose a ton of problems. Besides, if you will work on your confidence you will start respecting yourself your time and your personality – you will notice a huge improvement in your life.

8. Being Rude

Times when people tried to be “Cool” already passed. In reality, it was never cool to be “Cool” – normal people always considered “cool guys” as a funny part of the society. Aggression starts from the childhood issues.
Bullying others, just because its “fun” or “cool” is not really a good way to show of your strength or co-exist with others in the civilized world.

9. Waiting for the “gift of the fortune”

Start acting. Stop waiting for the gifts, the divine power or revelation. Nobody will help you except yourself. Maybe your way towards Olympus will take years, decades or even your whole life (like Charles Bukowski), but you have to fight your fear to become someone you have to become – strong personality with his own life path.

10. Being upset

The world is hard, life is cruel and can kick you hard. Don’t doubt – bad things can happen even with the best people this world, but becoming upset is useless, you won’t solve any problems like that. Analyze the issue, find the solution and fix it – that’s how strong people act. And we don’t want to see you as a weak person!

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