Favorite job. This expression seems completely unrealistic. A supervisor is never an average person, and the workflow is rarely fun. If you think so, this trend is frightening. Modern people do what they are told to do. If you graduate from school, you go to the army or study. If you graduate from university, you go to work. You don’t have time to stop and think; you are always pushed and forced to do something. Trying to push your way into a dream job becomes a real challenge. And there’s no guarantee that you’re going to love this dream job! Suddenly, you don’t know what you want! The best job for a huge number of people is the one that pays well. Because of the need to stay and work in a routine position, we lose our social life. We want to impress girls and our parents. We want to look good in costumes. But basically, we want money to buy a lot of beautiful things. But in the end, is it worth it? This article is entirely devoted to the idea that money for work is not the main thing, but much more important is the circle, the realization of ambitions and talents.

1. Money is a guest

Today you have it for one reason or another, and tomorrow you have no money at all. Talent and passion will last forever.

2. Money is a strong external motivation factor, but the talent is an internal motivation factor.

The more you buy all sorts of good things, the less you enjoy new things. Talent and passion for your favorite business can motivate you and keep you in tone all the time, if you possess them, of course. The path of a creative person is thorny, but its fruits are pleasant and delicious, although they are frankly few.

3. If you can give something to the world – do it

Let’s be honest: even if you know how to draw cool, it doesn’t mean that you can give something special to the world. Every year thousands of people come out of the art schools, but only a few become famous artists. Slightly more recognized by narrow circles of comic book and contemporary art lovers, but they are still few. Most people do not achieve anything because of the lack of ambition and confidence that their work was at least not bad. But look around: how much outright slag is there around you that is said to be good drawings, quality content and interesting prose? These guys just have balls to claim themselves as very cool creators, so why don’t you say anything? The viewer’s or reader’s bar is low; you can raise the quality of our art if you even try. The chance is very small, but at least it is. At the very least, you’ll get to know each other. Everyone has the opportunity to become famous, if not for the whole world, then within the boundaries of one village.

4. This is how you will find your circle of communication.

A big problem for many modern men and women is that they do not have their circle of communication. It seems that there are people, but they can not be called their own in the board. Bottlenecks, colleagues, casual acquaintances, university friends – all of them are pleasant to you, but still, you do not feel that they are your real like-minded people and it is much easier to work on the business of your life, to find those to whom you are nice, your hobbies and your way of thinking. Someone dies and doesn’t know what a real circle of like-minded people is, but you (if you listen to our advice) will have a chance to feel what it means to be like peas in a pod.

5. Health

Working for money seems cool at first. You get several thousand more, and the new position is a little different from the old task! But you will soon realize (unless you knew it before) that you hate the work you do. The only reason you are being held back is that of the money, but you understand that it’s real to stay on the bread and water, just not to see these people and stop doing this routine, which is making you frankly sick. You feel like life is flowing out of you. Stress makes you squeak your teeth in your sleep, and you go to bed with terrible hatred and disgust. Such work only torments you, destroys all the good, reduces self-esteem and makes you suffer. Without paranoia, the chance of getting a severe personality disorder or real long-term depression is very high. If the job is done for money, this is always the outcome. How soon can this be the case? If you think you can always tolerate it, you can do it, but over time you will turn into an empty shell, which can be called a “bubble.”

6. Everything will be in its place

The best place for each person is not where they pay the most, nor is it the easiest place to get to by car or minibus. This is the place where your best will find their application. Be true to yourself. Start from scratch in your favorite position. Open your own business or create something of your own that can be shown to your comrades. Work on yourself, only this requires all your dedication and devotion. Read more handbooks, get additional education, learn something new all the time, and do not get tired of doing it all. This is the only way you can become truly talented, purposeful and remain so even when your work is hard and demanding. So everything will fall into place.

7. Rich people cry as well

Mansions, cars, and tight wallets are not a success. Success comes from the actual work done and the results of it. If your talent and passion have found application, we can say that this is a success. Money is a by-product and should always remain so.

8. Happiness

May not exist, but when everything is said and done right when you realize that you have been able to self-actualize (no matter how bad it sounds) and found yourself, this short and wonderful time comes, which can be called this word. We all want to wake up and see some bright light and some life perspectives especially on Monday morning. When you are in your place – it is already happiness, although I would like to call it “contentment”. Money, even in large quantities, does not provide you with this wonderful feeling. For comparison, remember the moment when you bought a big thing that you have long dreamed of. Talent and passion for what you love are the keys to happiness.

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