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A complete guide for those who want to survive in a world of bad people

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Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to live. They are absolutely wrong because they hang up additional problems, invent new ones and try to follow the rules of the society instead of inventing something of their own or improvising. As a result, we have people complaining about their lives with a swarm of cockroaches in their heads, dissatisfied with their lives, evil and concerned only about the opinions of others. Stop making a boxing pear out of yourself, man! We will talk about how to heal a painful attachment to other people’s opinions and how to survive in this world to an ordinary evil misanthropic.

Rule 1: People can talk about you right now

And it could be happening right now at the moment. Some people may just not like you. And they won’t miss the opportunity to walk around you and wash your bones. Everyone is gossiping. Seriously! Men, of course, are less, as well as busy girls, but most of them all gossip and with pleasure. Even a small paraphrase of stories with your participation in some evaluation of your work is a gossip. Sneaky, friendly attitude and total ignorance of this is not saved if you do something good, something bad or do nothing at all, you still will someday become the object of gossip or discussion. Discussion of appearance, habits, way of life, worldviews, interests – I assure you that somebody has been behind your back at least once. Even your good friends, acquaintances or colleagues could discuss your actions from the point of view of “right/wrong” or “I would have done/not done so.” Gossipers and ordinary people only differ in frequency and moral satisfaction from the process. The world is huge, and there will probably be someone who admires you sincerely and does not love you without reason, so don’t ever worry that someone might misunderstand you, think about you in the wrong way – they probably have already done so. Take note.

Rule 2: You do not need to be loved by everyone.

First of all, even if you become a rock star, there will probably be someone who will not love you sincerely. If you are a good guy, there will be someone who will consider you a hypocrite, most likely deservedly. So be yourself and don’t be a d*ck. The percentage of people who will sympathize with you, of course, will be higher. You see, man, when people don’t love you, nothing happens. Unless, of course, they dig you a hole on the way to work and hire a killer. The world doesn’t end! You don’t feel that someone is stubbornly breathing down your neck, you don’t feel anything about it at all. Well, you know, there’s the phrase “the best revenge is to live well,” which is pretentious, but very accurate. Just move on.

Rule 3: Some people sympathize with you.

You don’t have to take for granted that the boss thinks you’re a great guy and a few friends who respect you and a handful of friends, always for you. You also have a family and a couple of nice people. Even within your family, there is someone who openly dislikes you. And you know what, man? Screw him! If he’s related, it doesn’t mean that you have to run after him on your back legs! What is this mentality?

Rule 4: Those who don’t let their brain getting messed with are the ones change the world

All the rules of successful people are that when each of their surroundings shouted that everything they do is madness, and each of them actively composted their brains, they sent them on a hiking trip to the very far land and continued to do what they thought was right. If you don’t pay attention to all these enemies around you, everything will become easier and more understandable.

How can you get rid of the compulsive desire to live according to someone else’s opinion? Actually, it’s simple enough. Based on my own experience, I have identified five ways to make sure that you are not interested in the negative opinion of others.

1. Dress like you used to be embarrassed.

Do you have a cape or a hat like Sherlock Holmes? Do you have a favorite cowboy hat and imperviously black glasses? Did somebody ever give you elven ears and a Bilbo Baggins costume? Put them on and go with your friends around town. If you don’t run into thugs, the only reaction you can see on your way is a benevolent surprise. My good acquaintances for every New Year’s Eve, March 8 and birthday party go to the city center in 19th-century costumes or some historical clothes. On New Year’s Eve and Halloween, they are dressed as vampires and witches. Well, they will get a couple of strange glances from the people around, but most of the other people will either pass by or smile. But you will be able to feel that most people who don’t know you will forget about you in a couple of minutes.

2. Don’t be embarrassed

If you have something that makes you uncomfortable, don’t avoid it. You’re afraid of big companies – welcome to them. You are afraid to meet girls, meet girls! Just stand up and walk up to them! Even if they laugh at you, remember that this is not the end of the world. You won’t die after that, even if you think you will. If someone is rude to you or pushes you back, don’t mumble like an idiot, push him twice as hard. Of course, if this guy isn’t twice as big as you. But even so, don’t mumble back, hold on!

3. Refuse from any restrictions

If you cannot say or object to another person, spit on it an object only without being rude and without threatening personal and professional success. Still, if you are a young doctor, do not be rude to the head doctor of a huge clinic. You can, most importantly, include your head to understand where you can, and where you can not. Do not accept the choice that seems unsuitable to you. Do not let people dictate how you should live. This is your life! 4 Tell the truth Don’t tell the unpleasant truth, so you won’t be cool, so you’ll be a m*dak. It’s an important concept, man! Don’t give evasive answers, say what you think or say as much as possible what you think. People appreciate sincerity or what sounds like it. If you don’t know something, don’t say you knew and forgot. If you don’t like something and it won’t hurt anyone important to you, just say so. Hell, it’s so easy, you take it and tell the truth! Why are there any live houses here?

5. Start a completely new life

Nothing in your life will change if you don’t rethink your views, start to create your own opinion and don’t impose it on others. Nothing, I repeat, nothing will change if you do not understand that it is wrong to depend completely on the world around you and only prevents you from living. Don’t be a misanthropist, don’t be like everyone else, be on your mind. Find your hobbies, take care of them and never doubt them, if someone suddenly tells you that what you are doing is shit. If someone near you says something like that, he’s a bad friend, and you should have a short conversation with bad friends.

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