Really decent people – what are they like? Anyone you ask this question to would start by listing such qualities as kindness, reliability, honesty. But the characteristic of a decent person does not end there.

He’s confident, but he’s not insolent

A decent man is on his way to his goal with confident steps. However, he cannot be called bold or arrogant. He knows that with enough zeal he can achieve everything he wants, but does not praise himself and does not like to talk about his victories to anyone around. A decent person will never try to rise above others by spotlighting his own achievements.

He’s got a strong personality.

A decent man is always able to defend his position, his point of view, his interests. He is persistent, purposeful, determined and brave enough to go “against the current”.

And do not forget about self-discipline. Only a person with a strong character can take control of himself and his actions, at least partially get rid of the influence of feelings and fleeting weaknesses on his behavior.

He’s only trying to compete with himself

In most cases, the desire for competition and rivalry is a common need, to show that you are better than your competitor. A decent person does not need to prove his superiority over someone else – it is only important for him to know that every day he gets better. So a decent man chooses himself as his sole competitor. He tries to outperform his past achievements, to develop the skills he has already acquired and to acquire new ones, as well as to pump himself up in all areas of interest. Competition with your previous “self” is a strategy that leads to deserved success in almost all cases.

He thinks well of the people around him.

A decent person does not hurry to draw conclusions about others – he always gives people a chance to explain their behavior or attitude and continues to communicate with them, even if others tell him its wrong.

It’s simple: a decent person understands that in our world, everything is relative and sometimes can be far from what it seems like. People have an individual position on every issue, and every person deserves to be heard. That’s why decent people protect more often than attack. They are in favor of analyzing the situation and refusing groundless accusations.

He always expresses his gratitude

We have long been accustomed to the fact that our gratitude, as well as our respect, must first be earned. This fact does not bother a decent person very much. He is accustomed to showing gratitude and respect for all people around him.

He knows that any person deserves respect and to be treated with at least basic politeness. A decent person is never rude to waitresses, cleaners or other people who are service workers.

He wants to make the world a better place, so many people think he’s naive

A decent man really wants to change the world around him for the better. He will help all those in need, will never pass by a person who needs help, and will always tell others how important they are. Most people will think that such a person is naive, but it is decent people who can really improve this world. Even if they don’t volunteer and don’t visit children’s homes, nursing homes, or soup kitchens, they can always do the right thing – carefully place a bag of unnecessary things near the trash can, throw a couple of coins in the hat of a homeless person, or draw attention to the person who threw a cigarette butt past the trash can.

He’s categorical

Of course, he’s not categorical about everything. A decent person has stable moral values – he draws a clear line between what, in his opinion, is right and what is unacceptable to him. His categorical attitude is manifested in his refusal to act against his beliefs.

He cares about family and friends

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do real deeds with a capital letter for their relatives and friends. A decent man values his loved ones above all, and for them, he can really do a lot. Family is a sacred thing for him, friends are “brothers” to whom he is unconditionally willing to entrust his own life. It may seem that a person is simply overestimating the influence of other people on their lives or is simply a poser, but in fact, a decent person simply realized that the most precious thing we have in our lives is not the material values and position in society, but people.

He’s brave

Can a coward be called a decent man? Not at all. A really decent person is not afraid to pursue his goals, risking many things, he is not afraid to stand up for those who are weaker than him, to defend the honor of family and friends, to take responsibility for their mistakes, etc. Where a coward runs away, a decent person will stay to solve all problems on their own and help others.

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