The New Year is already behind, and many people tend to think of it as the beginning of a new life. Everything would be good, but one thing – people hate changes. Do you think that starting from January you will become kinder, eat less, go in for sports, drive slower, drink less, become more generous and quit watching TV shows? It’s too much for one person, and that means you’ll fail every task.

Instead of radically changing your life, it is better to try this: change something in it one by one and get used to this change. I have one suggestion for you that will improve your health and affect your appearance. No need to wait for next New Year Resolution, start now.
I suggest you start running down the street every day, regardless of the weather. I understand, now you’ll look out the window, appreciate the snow or puddles (depending on what your climate is like) and think, “What the hell should I do that for?” That’s a great question.

Why is it good to run in winter?

Being outdoors is nice. Ironically, people who run on the street run more, try harder and enjoy the process more. When you get used to it, you’ll start enjoying running (even in winter!) more than its dull imitation in the treadmill hall. Who runs on treadmills at all? Stupid device. Another motivating moment in the running on the street: you can turn off the treadmill at any time and go home, and if you run away from home for three kilometers without taking the money, you will have to come back willy-nilly. That’s what I understand – motivation.

It’s more convenient. Imagine that you don’t have to warm up your car and go to the gym – just get out of the entrance. Running outside saves you time. Especially when there is a stadium under the windows, and there are a couple of snickers in the wardrobe, it is just unethical not to use these circumstances for your benefit.

This makes you tough. Life is a tough thing in general, and running in the street in the winter makes you underneath this rigidity. It fortifies you both physically and morally. What’s more, you become stronger when you know from your own experience that any obstacles can be overthrown with extra effort. Do you want to become more ambitious and learn how to reach your goal? Running outside in cold weather will give you what you need. Remember: any physical activity reduces your stress levels and you start to deal with everyday life’s problems more easily.

Sounds good, but it’s cold outside. I agree. I’ll tell you a secret that will help you not to give up.

Spend money on this.

Not thousands of dollars, but at least some money. Hobbies always require investments. This is much cheaper than a gym membership. Also, running costs much less than the services of a psychotherapist, which at one time rip off from a depressed, poor man an indecent amount of money. Don’t ask me why I know this.

If you invest in your equipment, it will give you two advantages at once: it will pump your confidence and help you not to freeze your ass off. Confidence in your ability to take action increases your motivation. If you have enough running gear for cold weather, you will feel you have to run. At the end of the run, you will still feel like a hero or at least a good boy.

I started running when I got the most wonderful snickers. I liked them so much (and still do) that I realized that not using them for their intended purpose is to mock them. What then? Then there was a run in November, including this morning. You put on dense sports trousers, a quality windbreaker, a hat – and go ahead. It costs money, it costs good money, but every day you see your equipment in the closet, and you have no doubt that tomorrow morning you will run again. Otherwise, why did you buy all this stuff?

If you go to a sports store, you will find everything you need, and the salesmen will consult you on any matter.

So, you need:

Tights for running in winter (you can buy even a few for different temperatures);
Gloves (the same thing: can be somewhat for different degrees of cold);
Thermal underwear (so you won’t freeze);
Windbreaker (here everything depends on your region, in Siberia I wouldn’t dare to run in the winter at all, because it’s extremely cold there);
Hat for running (I don’t bother and run in the usual all-human Beanie);
of course, shoes.

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and the tights for different temperatures were bought at different times. You don’t have to throw away all your cash at once; you can buy some clothes, and ask for something as a gift for New Year’s Eve if you are carried away by this idea.

Safety advice

It’s slippery in winter, which increases the level of running injuries. In order not to slip into the wrong place, run around the stadium: usually, there are schools nearby. You’ll probably find a company of other runners in such areas. Why it’s a good thing? First of all, it is dark in the morning in winter, and the company brightens up the darkness. Second, if you fall, other people from the stadium will notice that and help you. Just in case, put your mobile phone in your windbreaker’s pocket: if you don’t, you might fall down suddenly and there will be nobody around to help you up when the situation gets tough. At least you can call for help.

And the last thing: do not expect that in one day you will turn from a beginner to a skilled winter runner. Make sure you don’t push yourself too hard and move little by little. Naturally, there are always people who will call you crazy – people like to say bad things, no matter what you do. They’re probably just jealous of your good shape and willpower. That’s all they do.

Have a good winter and have a nice run!

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