How often do we postpone our goals, ideas, and plans? And funny fact is that whatever happens, we always find some kind of excuse for our weakness to finish things up.
Can you imagine how ripped you would have been if you’d only start working out one year ago? How about that marketing course you started a couple of months ago? Can you imagine how good you could have already been if only you’d continue to study? Because of your habit to postpone things, you never learned to play the piano or guitar.
Now its time to understand why all of that happens.

1. You don’t know which steps to take to reach your goal

Your target vision is blurred. You have no idea where to start. Uncertainty is scary, but your fear of fiasco is even higher, so you standby and expect the universe to bring you everything on the plate. But this is the slippery path.

You need to start somewhere. You have to make your first baby steps. Otherwise, you will never learn how to run. Once you start – you will quickly understand what to do further to keep on with the same pace.

Don’t be scared and move your arse towards your goal!

2. The desired goal is unreachable

Ambition is a good thing. Healthy ambition is even better. It gives you the required push to progress with your idea. Creating an unachievable goal to reach them sounds good, but these goals should not make you depressed. If achieving your goal is causing you even slightest depression, gives you no place for improvement, then you should think: do I need this? Usually, just a simple life analysis can help you sort out the things right. To be a leader, a winner – you have to aim for big goals, but make sure they are always reachable.

3. Your goal is not yours

How often your goal was someone’s reality? And how often your goal was replaced with something else just because it has to be that way?
Society is telling you that to be successful; you need to have a nice car, a big house, and a new girl every second day. But what if you dream about different things? What if you want to have a small house by the lake, far away from the noise of the big city? What if you’re going to have one woman you love, one dog and a cat? Is that a crazy thing? No. The crazy thing is to replace your own goals with the false ones.

Achieving a false goal will be impossible because you will have no motivation or desire to do so.
You need to be honest with yourself and understand what you want.
Don’t expect to achieve someone’s expactations. Go towards your goal and don’t stop no matter what!

4. You don’t know why you need it

Let’s say you can earn 10,000USD per month and you will have a good life that way. When you are in a comfort zone, you stop improving. You lose any initiative or ambition since you don’t see any reason to move further. But is this amount of money good enough?

Motivation – this is the definition of something that is pushing us towards a better life. Is 10,000USD per month enough to travel and discover the world with your family? Is that money enough to make sure your child’s future is safe?
But why 10,000USD and not 30,000USD? You are worth much more than that! So why are you still sitting in your swap and not taking any actions to make your life better? Every day ask yourself: “Why do the things I have are enough for me?” Trust me; you will understand why you need to fight for your goal.

5. Your goal is not clear enough

We can easily create some general targets for our future. And this is practically why we cannot define yourself which steps we need to take to achieve it.

For example, you want to get a car, and you set it as your goal. But you are not bright enough in your desire. The goal you set is too general. This is the correct form: “I want to get a car by 10th of June 2020” – sounds better, right? You will straight away understand that you have a time limit, so you need to act fast and start saving money or getting a second or even a better job.

But this is just an example. By setting yourself a more concrete goal, you will have a more concrete final result. Make deadlines and ways of achieving such goals.

6. You expect confidence earlier than you start actions

You always have to remember one thing: confidence comes from actions, not from your desire. Motivation is born in our head, and only when it calls us for action. But with the mind only it might be impossible for you to get enough confidence for further action. It’s not that easy to get confident doing something you never did before. Therefore throw away all doubts and start, and confidence will follow.

7. Fear of failure

We see fear as a weakness. But fear is a sign of experience as well as a mechanism that keeps us away from doing stupid things. Fear is also a border of the comfort zone, which you absolutely have to break.
By getting confidence, you are getting a small portion of fear as well. But you can learn to control it, and instead of saying “You will never make it” your fear will tell you “Be careful.” This factor increases your performance, attention, and caution, supporting you from making mistakes.
Fear can be used to get the upper hand in some situations, just make sure to control it wisely.

8. Too much attention to the result

We only see the final result, but we don’t see the way towards it. To reach the top of the hill, we need to fight our way.

When you get a gym membership, you expect to grow sexy muscles, but when you begin training and see no result after a couple of weeks – you become upset. Such a beginning requires patience and time. You will need to give a lot of your strength and energy towards living a better life.
Act wisely and be persistent and soon you will get the fruits of your hard work.

9. You are looking for the possible cause of failure

Often, instead of taking action, we start to analyze the situation and search for a possible cause of why we can fail.
Not enough time, money, skills – you can make up anything. These excuses won’t move you out from the soft spot. These excuses carry out the fear of failure, and we know how to fight it.
Stop whining, take responsibility for your actions and your future. Your future depends on the actions you take today. Don’t mask your fear with excuses, instead, convert them to your strength.

10. You wait for the appropriate moment

It’s a normal thing for us to wait for a proper moment to start acting. Infinite tasks, tight schedule – and here you keep on postponing further.

On the other hand, if you stop to analyze your further actions – this is a positive thing, but artificial postponing of time won’t bring you anything positive.

Understand your priorities: decide if your daily routine is more important than higher cause and final result? If no, then today is the perfect day to make your first step towards your goal. Do it now.

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