Ireland is one spectacular place that more and more people love to visit because of its breathtaking scenery, one of a kind culture, incredible history, and friendly locals. There are a lot of enjoyable ways to explore and discover the country.

A simple and laidback self-drive holiday in Ireland can give you a wonderful chance to travel around the place. You can also choose to book an accommodation where you can bask in the beauty of the country with everything you need within reach. If you want to go on a more organized holiday, you can also opt for an escorted coach tour which is a very relaxed way of checking out the finest attractions of Ireland.

But, why do people love to visit Ireland, anyway? Here are the top reasons why Ireland should be added to your bucket list of must-visit travel destinations:

Unblemished Landscape

The Slieve League is among the greatest wonders that you shouldn’t miss when you visit. This is the highest sea-cliffs of Ireland and can only be accessed after you complete a drive along the winding road by the coast. It is a totally unspoiled region which offers picturesque coastline scenery. The coastline of the country stretches for almost 9,000 miles that gives tourists a chance to feast their eyes on breathtaking attractions. Most of the appealing attractions also include the vast mountains, pebbly beaches, rural bog lands, and inland waterways.

Extensive History

Ireland also boasts a very rich and extensive history which makes it the perfect destination for all history buffs. Much of the country’s history dates back to the prehistoric times, including lots of magnificent museums and houses and ancient sites. If you are interested in archaeological sites, make sure that you spend some time at the County Meath. The country is also dotted many castles, with most of them restored to their original glory. There are also plenty of historical and art centers that you can visit to better appreciate the country’s local heritage.

Vibrant and Lively Cities

Ireland also serves as the home to some vibrant and lively cities like Dublin, which is the perfect destination for younger tourists because of its exuberant social life, great restaurants, and bars. Dublin is also well-loved for its elegant architecture, lush parks, and views that overlook the Irish Sea.

Other cities include Cork and Galway that have plenty of interesting things to offer to travelers such as highbrow festivals, traditional events, exhibitions, and parades. Galway is a city which gains the most interest and is popular because of its lively scene.

Drink and Food

Trying the traditional beverages and food during your holiday in Ireland is no doubt the best way for you to truly appreciate the country. Irish coffee, Irish stews, potato cakes, Guinness, and Irish whiskey are only some of the best things you can try during your travel in Ireland. Most of the meals in the country are simple and home-cooked, which makes them appealing to even the pickiest of eaters.

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