Germany is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. There are a lot of tourist attractions in the country and the tourists land in and out of the country almost every day. Germans are not only famous for their Discipline and Engineering but also for their famous tourist attractions in several parts of the country. In this article, we will be exploring the top 10 cities in Germany which you should never miss if you have the chance of going to Germany.

1.      Cologne


Cologne is one of the Cosmopolitan Cities in Germany which you should never miss. The city is famous for its history and culture. The major tourist attraction in the city is the Kolner Dom with 56 magnificent pillars built in the Catholic style. If you would like to get a panoramic view of the entire city, you should probably go to the South Tower. Once you are there, you will also be able to catch a glimpse of the Rhine River.

2.      Bamberg

Bamberg is another beautiful town in Germany. It is one of the Heritage towns in the country and has been officially recognized by the UNESCO. It is famous for the Buildings of Medieval Architecture and is believed to be designed to be equivalent to Rome in terms of Architecture. The cruise across the Regnitz River can help you catch a glimpse of the ancient beautiful buildings of the city. The only ancient building you will miss here is the Colosseum.

3.      Dresden

Dresden |

Dresden is another popular city in Germany. Although it was the most targeted city during the Second World War, the artists have done a brilliant job in restoring the buildings after the war and you will never be able to find out if something was reworked. The famous Baroque Church called the Frauenkirche is the major tourist attraction in the city which was inspired by the Versailles of France. The Dresden Castle another tourist spot you should consider paying a visit.

4.      Nuremberg

nuremberg-germany-1 |

This is the famous city which is known throughout history as the spot where the 22 Prime Nazi Criminals were executed after the Second World War. The Museum of Nuremberg still has a collection of the former Nazi Congress Hall’s documents. There are also other Historic centers like the Nuremberg Castle which was built around the Medieval age and the ancient walls of the city. This is a must visit spot for tourists who would like to explore the dark sides of Germany.

5.      Munich

This Capital of the German State Bavaria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country attracting a lot of tourists almost throughout the year. This is because there is a popular fest called the Oktoberfest which involves gallons of wine and traditional clothing of Germany. If you would like to explore the culture of Germany and have a divine love for beer, you should not miss this city during your tour to Germany. Apart from the beer and traditional clothing, there are plenty of museums spread across the city besides having a lot of gardens for beer.

6.      Frankfurt

Frankfurt |

Frankfurt is one of the most popular cities in the country, known for its commercial values and can even be called as the Financial Capital of Entire Europe. Besides its commercial value, the city is also a famous tourist attraction because of the Iconic Romerberg. Apart from this, there are some other tourist spots like the Palmengarten which is for the nature lovers and the Frankfurt Cathedral. Apart from this, you should also pay a visit to the Birthplace of Johann Wolfgang.

7.      Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber |

This is a small town which is filled with too many tourist attractions. This is a town filled with a lot of buildings based on the Medieval Architecture. The buildings are so old and well maintained that you will never realize that you are currently in the 21st Century unless you look at your smartphone. There are plenty of museums in the city and a few of them like the Christmas Museum and the Doll & Toy Museum are some of the unique ones.

8.      Heidelberg

Heidelberg |

This is the town which has the Oldest University in Germany and is one of the oldest student towns in the world. Enveloped by beautiful green forests and the River Neckar, Heidelberg could take you a step closer to Mother Nature and shield you away from the rest of the polluted world with its freshness. The Heidelberg castle and the Sammlung Prinzhorn Museum are some of the must-visit tourist spots in the city.

9.      Berlin

Berlin |

You should never miss the Capital city of Germany during your tour to Germany. Although it is filled with a lot of skyscrapers and modern buildings, the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Museum are some of the popular tourist attractions in the metropolitan city of Berlin.

10.  Hamburg

Hamburg |

This is the famous port city of Germany which has the second largest port in Europe. Besides being famous for its port, Hamburg is also a famous Science Hub. The Famous Concert halls Elbphilharmonie and Laeisz, the Miniature Wunderland are some of the tourist attractions in the city besides the Beautiful River Elbe.

Which cities have you already visited and which ones are your favorite? Let us know in comments.

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