Why are you working? There are all the fancy reasons; passion, status, which are justified. However, money tops the list. Some people say they can work without pay; it is not their drive. Well, it’s possible but we work to earn.

Money is the greatest motivation in any field of work; irrespective of how much you love your job and want to be there every day before 8 O’clock, there is an element of money. If you are not motivated by money in that job, you are working somewhere else, as a secondary source of income. Money is part of life; it’s essential in the 21st-century life.

The dynamics of money are interesting; it is never enough. It doesn’t matter how much you are earning, you will need more. Needs are increasing by the day and your preferences will be changing with the dynamic world, you can’t maintain an income level for years and be comfortable.

Here is how to increase your monthly income

  1. Ask for a raise

That’s simple. Negotiate with your employer about salary.

Obviously, you need a valid reason to ask for a raise. Find out the company needs or deficiencies; identify a gap and seek to fit in that spot. It must be relating to company goals; your idea should be directly related to revenue or at least growth of the company.

Remember, no one is going to give you extra money for nothing. It is a mutual benefit. In the corporate world, money is exchanged for service or skill. Work on either of the two and then be confident to approach your employer for a raise. Don’t go with the common reasons of economic times, everyone is going through it; find a special and relevant reason.

  1. Drive Uber or Lyft

This is about making use of extra time. If you are in employment or running a business, you can always squeeze in a few hours to make extra cash. The only requirement for both companies is you should be at least 21 years and of course with a valid driver’s license. The amount you make is dependent on the time you put into driving.

If possible, talk to your employer and find suitable shifts at work then come back home to your driving. However, you should be cautious not to sleep on the steering. You won’t make any money with careless driving and risking passengers’ lives.

If you are too busy, consider driving on weekends. Few hours in the night will make a difference in your income.

  1. Be a minimalist

Resist the culture of shopping every time, everywhere. Distinguish between your needs and wants and cut out the unnecessary items. Stop eating out and go cook dinner. It is cheaper to buy groceries and all ingredients you think of rather than quick bites in a fast food. It is not even healthy.

Ignore the billboards and ads everywhere on how you should buy to improve your look and your home. Of course, you should improve the quality of your lifestyle but not on loans.

Also, consider selling the property you don’t use. Check your wardrobe; the shoes, and clothes, which are no longer your style but in good condition; they can make you money. There are several sites that offer quick cash for clothes. A quick search online will land you on good deals. You can also sell electronics and any household items you consider obsolete or unnecessary.

Minimalism is about stopping to spend on meaningless things. It is no magic; this will save you money and ultimately increase your monthly income.

  1. Turn your hobby to money

Do you love dogs? Most people love their pets but are too busy to take care of them. Taking a dog for a walk is almost impossible for some professionals. Dogs need it; the owners know it but there is no time. Fill in the gap. Let them pay you for a period to walk their dogs. It is fun and you will be making money.

If you love kids, there are numerous opportunities to make extra cash. You can sacrifice a few hours of your night to feeding and caring for newborns. Some parents are overwhelmed by work and house chores and would appreciate a helping hand, especially in the evening. This is common in parents with multiples; taking care of several babies who need the same level of attention can be tedious. Contact relating local service centers and advertise your experience and skill. They will need to trust you.

  1. Freelance

What are you good at? Graphic design, computer programming, and writing are the top skills on high demand across the world. You don’t have to go anywhere; polish your skills and get clients in need of relating services. You can also take time to learn any of the skills you think is interesting.

To venture in freelance business, you will need to prove professionalism and reliability. You will need a website and samples of your work. You can always find a balance between this and your full-time job.

Increasing your monthly income is about creating time and creativity.
Got any other tips? Let us know!

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