What kind of women scares men away?

Any man will always fall for a “beautiful wrapping”. That’s right, the first thing guy does – he evaluates the female appearance and rates her attractiveness. But cuteness is not the only thing you’ll feed on.

Men do run away pretty quickly from some ladies, forbidding themselves to have a relationship with some types. Everybody knows how a short, good looking lady can “test the strength” of men’s nervous system. Today, let’s talk about what is among the most irritating things men can find in women.

Whining and pessimism are not among the positive traits of any women. If your loved one will always pretend to be a victim, remind of her past “offenders”, keeps talking about problems and troubles, complaints about life – very soon, even the most patient guy in the world will run away.

First, no one wants to hear all these revelations, they cause boredom and anguish. And secondly, the man is simply afraid to appear in the list of those offenders, as this young lady will most certainly tell the bad story about him to her next gentleman. There are a lot of beautiful girls in this world, and not all of them see their life through sad eyes. Make sure to keep that in mind.

Some ladies frankly want to “fix the crown”, which they undeservedly put on their head and do not want to take it off. There are women who look down on other people. They need maids, helpers and good boys, who are ready to bury their life for the sake of the princess.

Such a “princess” will shake out everything from a man who was foolish enough to fell in love with her. He is obliged to prove his love by means of expensive gifts, the flow of which should keep falling like a Niagara Falls. And it is not even a matter of being a mercantile person, but of an attitude towards the ordinary people.

According to such lady, all those around her, who fall into a “low social status”, can only serve and please. Guys run away from such “queens” in the first place.

Men don’t like it when women put their problems on men shoulders. Yes, it is possible and even necessary to help a lady. But some young girls panic without any valid reason, thus causing severe irritation. A loved one does not know anymore, whether he should rush to the rescue or not interfere in the situation at all. As a matter of a healthy mental state, guys will always prefer to stay away from panicking girls.

Finally, a lot of men can not stand the fact that the woman is more successful, luckier or more wealthy. She is not just a champion of fate, but a real competitor, who will shut down anyone who treats her the wrong way. “Iron Lady”!

In this case, it is not the fact of using beautiful words for the sake of sweet speech. No. Such a woman constantly shows her superiority over a man, which greatly humiliates even the weakest opponent.

But still – do not forget that all men are very different and what irritates one guy – can be an attractive trait for others. The main thing is to make sure that both: men and his women have similar views on life and interests. After all, people are most annoyed by what they find unacceptable to themselves.

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