Headache is a true companion to the modern man. Endless temperature changes, digital insanity, unhealthy lifestyle – all this easily brings you closer to the headaches that prevent you from living and functioning peacefully. If you don’t eat the pills due to personal reasons, or if you simply don’t have them at your fingertips, some of these remedies can save you during difficult times.

Wet your feet

To relieve pulsating vascular headaches, soak your feet in a small bath of hot water. Blood entering the lower body will reduce the pressure in the blood vessels of the head. And your legs will benefit as well: they recover much faster, and the scent will be much more pleasant. But if you’ve been lying around all day, it’s probably not your legs that are the problem.

Ginger tea

Ginger is especially effective against headaches. Many clinical studies have shown that ginger powder is as effective as prescription drugs for migraine. But keep in mind: getting ginger tea bags is probably not a wise idea. If you’re going to treat your head with ginger, it should already be at your house. Or at least get the fresh one at the market.
Put ginger in the kettle, then brew, but not with boiling-hot water, so that it does not destroy all the useful properties. If you are lazy to do all this, drink water and calm down – maybe that’s the reason. Your head often hurts if you lack water in your body.

Put the towel on your head

Headache occurs not only from mental experiences and magnetic storms but also from the tension of the head and neck muscles, lack of sleep and other problems in life. And here you can manage the pain without painkillers. It’s simple: take a towel, put it under water, squeeze it out and put it on your forehead or back of your neck to relax tense muscles. If you want to get rid of vascular headaches (including migraine and cluster headaches, as well as the contraction and dilation of blood vessels in a certain area of the head), you should use only cold water or even ice.

Change your breathing

Especially if your headache is caused by stress, relaxation breathing techniques can be one of the simplest natural remedies for headaches – no special devices are needed. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down, and get some help. Breathe in five seconds, then breathe out – do it for a couple of times. Repeat until you get better, and then call a doctor. If your head won’t feel better- at least you will relax, because your breathing becomes slower and smoother.


Use your middle finger to massage the face points directly in front of your nostrils, i.e. at the tip of your nose. You can also buy a special head massage thing – you’ve probably met it before. It’s not scientifically proven what good it does, but it’s very pleasant. Massage, in general, is a useful thing: it can be used not only when you have a headache, but also simply as a preventive measure. You need to massage not only your head but also the rest of your body. However, here you already have to call a massage specialist.


Caffeine reduces the swelling of blood vessels – it can reduce both the intensity and frequency of headaches. Remember: a good cup of coffee is equal to some weak painkillers that are sold without a prescription, and sometimes, even, it enhances their own effect. Just don’t overdo it, because in addition to the benefits of this method you can harm yourself. If the headache is still present after one cup, drop this idea – do not drink coffee one after another you feel relieved. Don’t drink coffee while you’re intoxicated, hoping it’ll get you into shape – it’s all a myth. Except for the grave, this way of life will not lead you anywhere.

Sniff lavender

And that’s it, don’t sniff anything else – just lavender will be enough. Its smell not only makes you feel sleepy, but it is also one of the most calming natural remedies for headaches. Australia has even done research on this subject. There, patients with headache reported that inhalation of lavender essential oil for 15 minutes reduced the headache almost completely, but still not entirely. At the same time, people who were given placebo pills did not get the same strong result.

But be sure to remember the most important thing: it is better not to self-treat if there is a threat to your health.

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  1. If you have headaches during the days you do not take the pills, you can avoid the sudden fall in oestrogen by taking several packs continuously without a break. The hormone changes that happen as women approach the menopause mean that all types of headache, including migraines, become more common.

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