Dreamers, who want to give up coffee face a problem: what to replace it with and wake up quickly in the morning? Yikigai invites you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of invigorating drinks and has prepared a checklist for the week – so that your awakening is variable and fun!

Monday: Hot Chocolate

The most popular drink during the cold weather, which not only warms but also energizes in the morning. Natural chocolate contains tannins (invigorating binders) and potassium with magnesium, which tonifies the body.

How to prepare. Take a small bowl, mix sugar with cocoa, dilute with hot milk. Remove from the fire and pour into a cup. Decorate with whipped or hand foamed cream, sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon. Use natural cocoa with no additives and fat content of 15% or more.

Tuesday: Homemade smoothies

A rich drink of vegetables, fruits or berries with yoghurt, ice cream or milk. The secret of vivacity lies in the vitamin composition: depending on the type of products chosen you can get different amounts of vitamins A, C, D, E. Perfectly invigorate smoothies of green or orange fruits.

How to prepare. The easiest recipe for a green drink is to mix fresh cucumber with celery, parsley and water in a blender. For lovers of sweet smoothies we recommend you to try orange-banana cocktail in the morning, supplemented with natural yogurt and a spoonful of honey.

Wednesday: Tea with ginger

Tea is a tonic drink, the properties of which do not need to be proved to people of our time. Ginger replenishes the body, stimulates blood flow and speeds up metabolic processes. In synergy, both products cause a burst of energy and do not provoke mood swings, as it happens with coffee.

How to prepare. Fill thinly sliced ginger with hot water and let it in for 15-20 minutes. Fill the resulting infusion with your favourite crumbly tea. Connoisseurs of ginger drinks will also add lemon and honey to their homemade brew- you can do that as well, picking up the ideal proportions for yourself.

Thursday: Water and lemon

Decaf “wake up” remedy with water and citrus fruits. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, calcium and iron, which instantly awakens and even lifts your spirits. However, the drink is suitable for those with a strong stomach.

How to prepare. We do not brew anything: just leave a slice of lemon in warm boiled water and let it sit. You can add mint and ginger to taste.

Friday: Matcha

Matcha is Japanese green tea crushed into powder. Studies show that matcha contains three times more antioxidants than regular green tea. It also stimulates brain functions – in addition to activating energy in the morning!

How to prepare. For a traditional Japanese drink, warm the bowl with water and dry it with a paper towel – this will help you reveal the flavour of the drink later. Then place 2-4 grams of tea, pour 50 ml of water at 70-80°C and whisk it to thick foam.

Saturday: Chicory

Chicory gently tones up after sleep, without causing a sharp jump in vivacity. Contains tannins, potassium, B vitamins and other elements that relieve fatigue. The drink is made of the root of a perennial plant with the same name – without chemical treatment.

How to prepare. Granular chicory is mixed in water like instant coffee. If you have purchased ground chicory, pour hot water and allow a few minutes to infuse. Those who switched to chicory, note that the bitter taste of the drink is very similar to coffee.

Sunday: Pomegranate juice

Fans of sour will be interested: pomegranate juice tones up after sleep no worse than lemon. The drink contains vitamins (A, B, C, E, PP) and minerals (calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine). In terms of potassium content, pomegranate juice is superior to other kinds of juices.

How to prepare. Fill 1/2 glass of juice and drink 30 minutes before breakfast. Morning ritual with natural drink awakens energy, increases appetite. However, remember that sourness in the morning is not for everyone.

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