The introverts have a lot of problems with this world. The structure of our society implies a much more friendly attitude to open and sociable extroverts than to closed silent – introverts. The extraversion is socially rewarding. But introverts, especially those with a low level of social adaptation, often find themselves in a marginal position, in other words, thrown to the sidelines of life. Let’s not be so excruciating about the fact that introverts are the best part of humanity, and so on. Yes, writers, artists, scientists – as a rule, they all find themselves inclined to introversion. And, no, being an extrovert, you cannot become an introvert. But what you can really do is learn something useful from introverts.

Listen more, talk less

Not that introverts don’t like to talk, they just prefer to listen first and then talk. Introverts are often mistakenly considered shy. Shyness implies fear of a negative assessment of the opinion expressed. Many introverts don’t give a damn what you think of them. They just don’t like to talk in vain. Try to take the silence from introverts: start listening more to your interlocutor – you will be surprised how much you can learn just by holding your tongue behind your teeth for a while. Also, you will definitely get the sympathy of the other person – everybody loves being listened to.

Enjoying your time alone

Love for people and live communication is beautiful. However, it is not uncommon for this kind of love to become dependent. Being alone with himself for more than one hour, a socially dependent individual begins to go mad from the lack of contact with others. He becomes a natural maniac, obsessed with the desire to talk to at least someone. Introvert will never find himself in such a deplorable position, because his own society is interesting and pleasant to him.

There is a certain level of self-sufficiency, “needlessness” in other people, making the person who has reached it attractive in the eyes of others. If desired, this level can be reached by anyone – introvert, extrovert. However, there is one “but” – introvert almost no effort is required to achieve it, unlike an extrovert.

Be independent in your work

So respected by employers ability to work in a team, to admit, is not a rare skill. Command-oriented employees are now everywhere. And there are fewer and fewer people who can work alone – without help and support. No, we don’t urge you to get away from your colleagues at work, but it’s worth learning how to work if your regular partner gets sick, for example.

To study the subject yourself

Due to their dislike for crowds of people, introverts prefer to study different subjects and improve their skills, as well as to increase motivation and stimulate “personal growth” on their own. And many of them quite successfully cope with it. It is even strange how many people in our progressive age are unable or unwilling to obtain information. People throw a huge pile of money every day for courses and training, the content of which is exhausted by a few top lines in the search for a Google. Meanwhile, think how much blood you could save by learning from introverts to study the subject without help.

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