Reading is one of the most effective ways to self-improvement.

Books are perhaps one of the most underappreciated technologies in the world. Most likely, you have to read some books for your assignments and paper writing, but it’s important to learn to correctly evaluate, choose and buy books – once you know how to do this, you will develop priceless habits that will help you grow.

Everyone has one life, but books allow us to live other lives, go to different worlds and learn the wisdom of thousands of others, both those who lived long before us and contemporary authors. Reading is like spending your time in a meditative discussion with another person. 

But just like any other technology, books will give you nothing if you don’t know how to use them or if you use them without any proper goal. So what are those traits and habits you will be able to adopt thanks to reading?

1. You will become smarter without taking any miraculous pills

Did you know that books are the best substitution for nootropics – drugs that induce brain activity, improve your memory and increase your learning ability? And while nootropics stop being effective in time, reading works consistently, never ceasing to develop your thinking. Besides, side effects of reading became well-known ages ago… something you can’t say about all the drugs out there. So if you are not afraid of reading addiction and ready to introduce yourself to some good writing, go for it!

2. You will constantly refresh your baggage of knowledge

Most books were written in times when authors just went with the flow. Many writers pass their wisdom on almost without mixing it with their egos. Magic happens when readers, looking for some wisdom, find the words they have been looking for and get caught by the flow too.

If you have been reading for quite a long time, the feeling of your mind being upgraded didn’t escape you. After such an upgrade it is always much easier to prove yourself in an important discussion or learn to write better.

3. You will learn to enjoy being on your own

By reading, stopping to think and improving ourselves this way we gradually develop a habit of staying on our own. This way it becomes possible to deal with one of the biggest issues of humankind: not being able to be at peace with yourself enough to enjoy your time alone. 

4. You will get used to adopting someone’s experience

A desire for knowledge is one of those few desires that are easy to satisfy without getting carried away. Extensive reading gives us enough ideas and boldness to explore the world around us.

Inspired by someone’s wisdom, we go on a trip together with characters described in a book. This means that we directly adopt experience we can definitely apply in the real world. You’ve probably noticed how it works when you work on your essay writing. 

5. You will learn to focus

The more time we spend with books, the more we focus our attention on what’s important. Thanks to reading, we become calmer and more patient and learn to concentrate on something during a long period of time.

6. You will understand the advantages of strategic isolation

Like it was already said above, reading helps us enjoy being alone. But they are also a great excuse to isolate ourselves from the outer world and escape from the crowd. 

7. You will get used to speaking the truth

There are lots and lots of people who hate thinking and chances are, you meet people like this every day. They seem to be allergic to any words of wisdom. Some people can’t stand when others try to uncover the truth or learn how our world works. And books are where the most important secrets can be found.

Many creative people know this; they are convinced that the only way to deliver truth is through the book or a story. Books allow you to spread your ideas no matter what. 

No matter if you read for personal growth of enjoyment, or both (who knows, maybe you want to do professional writing too?), reading will always open new perspectives for you and give you inspiration and motivation we all always need so much.

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