Bad boys always break the rules. That’s what Hollywood keeps teaching us for years now.
As long as your actions do not break the law – you are good to go. Or at least that’s what you might think. Besides general rules, there are also ethics, moral standards, interpersonal rules, and these ones are of the same importance.
You have to follow the rules at any place which hosts more than 1 person (including you). The bar is one of such places.

Below mentioned rules are not tied to any particular Bar, they are a set of general rules you can call “Bar Etiquette,” followed by those who step into the kingdom of alcohol.

Do not ask to change the music

If you don’t see any old-style music box around, that means you have to tolerate the music which is playing inside.
There are many bars where the personnel is in charge of the music, so make sure you don’t interfere with your requests. If you don’t like the music at all – leaving the bar is the only thing you can do.

Do not play with the barman friendliness

There is nothing terrible about sharing some stories with the barman. Besides, a lot of people consider the barman as their psychologist.
Being a nice person, he can pretend that he is interested in hearing about your family trip, your last birthday and how bad you felt after you broke up with that smoking hot brunette.
On your side, you can also pretend that you enjoy listening about how bad barman’s salary is, how arrogant are his bosses and how stingy are his clients. There is nothing strange in it. You are showing an ordinary human kindness and understanding. But make sure you don’t become too annoying. Communication desire has to be mutual. The barman is not your psychologist, and he is not supposed to listen to your problems. And more importantly – do not, under any circumstances, distract barman from other clients.

Do not ask for a “test drink.”

For someone that might sound strange, but everyone has to pay for his drink. You shouldn’t ask the barman for a degustation of unknown drink if he is not offering it to you himself or if there is no such rule in your bar.
Nobody will ever enjoy having freeloaders around.
On the other hand, it might happen that you don’t know the ingredients of the particular cocktail, in this case, you have a full right to ask such information. The good barman will find such questions easy, and he will gladly provide you with an answer. If he offers you a test drink instead, that means that as a barman he is mediocre, but that’s even better for you.

Do not change the furniture layout

If you come to the bar with the big company, one table might not be enough. In this case, you should kindly ask if there is a possibility to put the tables together, usually, you will receive a positive answer.
Don’t try to put them together yourself without asking. Ask the staff member, and he will help you. Or even better – they can offer you a bigger table for special guests.

Don’t ask to “strengthen” your drink

It’s perfect if you know how strong is the drink before you get it.
Asking to “strengthen” the drink will look like you either don’t trust the barman or you are just another freeloader.
If you prefer classics ordering a whiskey with cola, you can ask to make a double portion. This way you will be clear in your request, and you will show that you are ready to pay for it.

Don’t remove bottle labels

There is nothing bad in surpassing your nerve with a couple of beers, but please, don’t remove bottle labels. First of all – that looks strange, second – you will add more trash to your table.
Biting nails and shaking your legs is in the same basket.

Don’t take extra space

If you attend the bar in peak hours, carrying a bag, make sure to keep it on your knees, instead of occupying another seat when there is already a big shortage of space.
Doing so, you will show your respect to other people, and who knows, maybe next time someone will ask you to join their table when you attend a crowded place.

Don’t annoy other people

Everyone has right for a personal space without being interrupted.

Drunk people most of the times become very friendly, but it’s important to make sure that your friendliness stays in the line, and you don’t cross it and become annoying.
If people let you know that they don’t want to listen to your stories and watch the photos you show them on your phone – let them enjoy without your presence.

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