People often say that red wine is good for the body and health. But, is it really good for everyone? What are the effects of red wine and what you should know before you start drinking it?

The Truth about Red Wine

Red wine is made from different kinds of dark grapes, the color of the young wine is violet and the mature one is actually brick red. It is said that red wine is good for everyone and this is based on the fact that it can lower coronary heart problems in spite of having diets that are high in saturated fat. Some people who have consumed red wine on a regular basis lower the risk of heart disease.

Resveratrol as The Powerful Antioxidant

Red wine has lots of resveratrol, which is a polyphenol, a powerful antioxidant. Unfortunately, nobody understands how this kind of antioxidant benefits your overall health. That is the reason why there are some conflicting opinions about health and red wine. It’s also believed the resveratrol helps prevent damage to one’s blood vessels, which may be due to age-related degeneration and shock.

Resveratrol also helps lessen LDL or bad cholesterol in the body. Moreover, it can boost good cholesterol or HDL. There are also other studies regarding whether or not the red wine is great for you with some conflicting results. Yet, the overriding consensus is red wine is good for anyone, given that you drink this in moderation.

Reservatrol is a valuable compound that is present in the grape’s skin. It means that it’s possible to add this in your diet through eating grapes. While it will work, this won’t add as a concentrated dosage of antioxidant. Making red wine needs the grades to ferment for a long period of time. It’s this fermentation, which enables resveratrol to transfer to the grape juice that becomes your wine. White wine doesn’t ferment for a long period of time and does not have much resveratrol. You may try eating blueberries, peanuts or cranberries to add some resveratrol to your own diet.

Drink Red Wine Moderately

A glass of red wine is no doubt beneficial. However, too much of it could result in addiction and too much stress on your liver and body. According to research, it shows drinking a lot of alcohol is linked with liver disease and different types of cancers. In addition to that, take note that the average glass of a red wine has about 85 calories. It may seem to be a low number, yet several glasses are enough to add some calories that could cause you to gain more weight and prevent you to lose weight.

If you like to know your calorie intake daily and do not know how you might want to ask for professional help.

It feels so good to drink and enjoy a glass of red wine, but you must keep in mind that you should always drink in moderation.

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