Do you want to become a ray of sunshine in the morning? Do you want to meet the sun every time you wake up? Or maybe you want to create an early regime to have more time for your favorite things in the morning? In this case, this article is for you.

Once you think about it, common saying: “those wake up early have a God’s blessing” is not that meaningless. First of all because once you wake up early, your day becomes longer and you have more time to finish your things. Second, during the day you’ll feel much more energetic: do you remember how lazy you are when you wake up at 12 PM? How painful it is for you to leave your bed? Waking up early in the morning only brings you benefits: you wake up, you have your breakfast, feel yourself together because you simply didn’t have enough time yet to get lazy.

If you want to change your morning regime setting your alarm for 6 AM won’t help you at all. Why? Well simply because you will wake out irritated having a strong desire to destroy that thing and go back to sleep again. You have to act differently.

The most common practice is just going to sleep earlier if you need to wake early in the morning. For example, if you usually go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 8 AM – that sounds pretty normal since you have your full eight hours of sleep. What can simply go wrong here? The answer is: it doesn’t work like that.

There are two, let’s say, sleep schools. According to the first one going to bed and waking up has to take place at the same time every day. Consider that as having two alarms at the beginning and the end of today. Following this trait in today’s society is more than perfect. At the end of the day, we need to have an obvious schedule. More than that – we need to be sure that we will have enough rest.

The second school is more hippy-like. The full idea it covers is that you need to go to sleep only when you are tired and wake up without an alarm. This way is based on biology since our body understands when and how long it needs to rest. That means that your body is your alarm.

As it usually happens with all the great things: the truth is somewhere in between. Check yourself: if you sleep for the fixed amount of hours sometimes you need to go to sleep when you don’t want yet. If you need more than five minutes to fall asleep, that means you are not ready yet. You just waste your precious time going back-and-forth while lying on the bed. Another misleading information is that you need the same amount of time to rest every day. In reality, your needs change from day today.
The optimal solution is to follow both schools at the same time. You just go to sleep when you want and wake up when your alarm goes off. This way you will wake up at the same time, but you can arrange yourself the length of sleep because you go to bed whenever you want. Only one rule applies here: you wake up with your alarm every day, seven days a week.

After a couple of days following this rhythm, your body schedule will become more natural. If you didn’t have enough sleep today, you would go to sleep earlier tomorrow. If you have too much energy now, you’ll go to sleep later. Your body will create its schedule depending on the energy used during the day.

Another positive impact is that the overall time of your sleep may decrease, but your body will still have enough rest. Most of the people who have insomnia go to sleep when they don’t want yet. If you are already in the bed, but can’t fall asleep stand up do something else until you feel the time is up.

If you have any other bits of advice – let us know in the comments!

Have a good sleep!

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