We’re always scolding social networks: they say you’re burning youth and stuff like that. But we always have to be objective: there are certainly a lot of disadvantages, but we also have to remember the positive aspects. So find out how they did and sometimes continue to do life in this world and the world itself a better place.

Uncensored news

And infinite filtration (of course, if you read or watch them at adequate sources). If the plane fell down because the pilot failed, everyone will know about it; an official on a Mercedes hit a pedestrian – no one hides it anymore. At least now you will know what is going on around you.

But as with any rumor, you have to be as careful as possible when evaluating the news. If you have found a proven source that is not an interested party, it is great – keep using it. But always double-check, because sooner or later it can hurry. However, you can always return to the proven source in the form of a grandmother at the entrance. That’s just the thing!

Rapid response to emergencies

No one argues that it would be good if they weren’t there, but unfortunately, the world is arranged in such a way that some trouble happens all the time. Among the vivid examples is the 2017 attack in St. Petersburg, Russia, when people united through social networks and helped each other, drove them, provided assistance, kept each other informed of urgent news, because if they did not exist, it would have been much more difficult. Or, as in October 2012, New Yorkers who did not have electricity and barely used cellular communications services flooded Twitter to share information about the Sandy emergency, including traffic updates and the availability of a gas station for each other, and thus saved themselves and a lot of other people’s lives.


This isn’t about you getting sick or stabbed in the side, you googled it, and it helped you. No, More than that, whatever you googled, Google will probably tell you you have cancer. What’s more, you can remotely consult a qualified specialist on a specialized website without leaving your home. The same Twitter and Instagram are famous not only for their cool and witty tweets and pictures. There have been cases of people donating kidneys or blood through social networks. There are even individual communities whose members are regular blood donors. And bikers, too.

Art has become more accessible

Let’s say you’re poor (unthinkable, of course, but let’s say). And you never raise money for a trip to the Louvre or any other distant museum. Even if you do, you won’t be able to visit all the museums physically. But with the advent of such a social network as Instagram, much of this has become unnecessary. Of course, no one argues that watching live is much better and more interesting, and before you get to a great publication in Instagram, you will need to see 24 photos of cats and 47 bikini’s. But as a rule, it is worth it. Everything depends on you – just be subscribed to really interesting and informative things. Moreover, there are a number of people who are lazy to go anywhere, but to look at the beautiful monuments and paintings want to. Social networks are their salvation.

It’s easier to find friends or a girlfriend or learn something new

Social networks are actually a paradise for an introvert who cannot meet a girl on the street (as if someone is still meeting a girl on the street in 2019) or in a bar. On the Internet or in any dating applications, he can turn around and start communicating more courageously. As for friends – strange as it may seem, but they can also be made in social networks. Probably, not for long, perhaps, not especially and friends, but exceptions nevertheless happen. And the most important thing: social networks allow you to keep in touch with your old friends, who you may have had since the time when people met on the street. You just don’t have to waste a lot of time in them, and remember that often live communication is much better. But it can be hard to communicate with a person if you live in Moscow, and they don’t even have the Internet.

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